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what kind of coffee do you like? Reward $2
Created by azzromyo, 2012 days ago, 1838 views

what kind of coffee do you like?there are many kinds of coffee
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nino20182012 days ago

The best types of coffee

I love coffee Gulf
Because it is in the lead

Coffee, drink from the seeds of roasted coffee, is the most popular hot drinks in the world, and the coffee many benefits they contain caffeine, which is working to revitalize the body, and have coffee on the chlorogenic acid, which maintains the stability of blood sugar, and contains tannins Maadh that reduce the formation of deposits in the teeth turn off the spigot decay and inhibit the growth of bacteria responsible for tooth decay. There were several kinds of coffee multiplicity of their countries, Vllgahoh special taste varies depending on the country producing them. We were put in the list below the best types of coffee in different countries.

The best types of coffee: -

1. Gulf coffee: made up of cardamom, saffron and some other additions, roasted coffee degree light and rough. One of the largest in the Arab Gulf hospitality landmarks.

2. Turkish coffee Turkish coffee: first appeared in the fifteenth century in Yemen, and later became famous by the Ottomans, was opened the first cafe Turkish coffee in Istanbul, the boil ground coffee powder in a coffee pot and put it in a private Turkish coffee cups.

3. instant coffee Instant coffee: or instant coffee, the coffee is dried and freeze to become very dry and free of liquids and volatile oils, which is instant as they melt in hot water immediately, and states that first invented instant coffee Japanese scientist Satori Kato in in 1901, and was the first shopping company to this coffee is Nestle company and that was in 1938, and is considered Alnskaver of the most famous brands of coffee a quick melt.

4. Coffee Hadrami: Arabic coffee is one of the species, there are two types, bitter coffee and sweets served with coffee and sweet with citrus and progress, and this coffee is characterized by its own taste is different from the Gulf coffee.

5. French coffee french cafe: It is a black coffee with milk shake and progress in a large cup.

6. cappuccino Cappuccino: an Italian coffee mixed with milk cream and decorated with whipped cream, which is rich in calories and carbohydrates.

7. espresso coffee espresso: Coffee Italian-made light and dark, made in a small cup-like Turkish coffee cup.

8. Mocha Mocha: Italian coffee latte type of mix with chocolate, coffee and the name is derived from the words Arab nations "Mokha coffee."

9. Coffee Kobe Walk Kopi Luwak: a coffee Indonesian, her taste and distinctive smell you can not find in other coffee types, which are the most expensive and rarest coffee in the world, and produces this coffee remnants of animal civet who lives to eat the coffee beans, and states that it made in Japan, America and Europe, special events and lavish layer of society.

10. Coffee Latte Latte: Italian coffee, is the most famous hot drinks in the world, which is prepared from steamed milk and espresso and a layer of milk shakes.

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SetupComputer2012 days ago

I like mocha in general. Although I sometimes go for some drinks at starbucks.

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esculap2012 days ago

Arabica is the best type.

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alvindgreat2012 days ago

Hi @azzromyo.
I like mocha, and I like strong coffee too.
We have in our country what we so called kapeng-barako (Strong coffee) and I like it so much. Kape (coffee), barako (bull) is a very good coffee that I want you to try with me someday under the sunset. I swear you would never forget its taste and will make you ask for more.
I Hope you find this informative and helpful. If you do, please select me as best answer.
Looking forward to having a wonderful coffee time with you under the sunset someday.
Thanks dear @azzromyo.

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azzromyo2012 days ago

Hi @alvindgreat are you from philippine thank you very much for the information some day i will try this kind of coffee with you but it is not my favorite

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atreasurehunter2012 days ago

I really like the latte macchiato. Its taste is heavenly :D

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ZzMrXzZ2010 days ago

I like Vietnamese elephant poop coffe.

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beatrix2010 days ago

@azzromyo I want the creamy coffee.
I drink the Nescafe creamy white.

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mcommente2010 days ago

ce site est là pour les amateusr de café en tout genre (Le site est francais )

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igor2009 days ago

I really like Vietnamese varieties Katimo. I add cardamom in it.

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frogface2005 days ago

Tasters Choice

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