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What will you do when you feel so hungry but have no money? Reward $2
Created by nancy, 2016 days ago, 7317 views

Can you imagine that one day you don't have even a penny? If you are so hungry at that time, what will you do? begging?
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restrictedarea2016 days ago

Go to the local food bank. or church.they can most likely fix you up with some food. I have done it.

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azzromyo2016 days ago

Hi @nancy
I am confused about the purpose of this question. If your aim is to reduce appetite in general then you can try some of the following:

1. Drink lots of water throughout the day.
2. Increase intake of protein food and reduce sugary food.
3. Get enough sleep.
4. engage yourself in some activity (e.g. : reading, writing, gaming, watching movie)
5. Start exercising.

But if you are asking this because you don't have food and money at night then

1. drink water. (may help)
2. do something which makes you tired.
3. knock some neighbor's door and ask for help.
4. Perhaps you have an irregular sleep cycle , with you being awake for long hours after dinner. Try changing that . Go for a jog before dinner, eat your heart out at dinner and hope you're tired enough to go to sleep and wake up when it's time to eat again a.k.a breakfast.

I hope this helps.

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Ann2016 days ago

sorry, I can't imagine that.

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SetupComputer2016 days ago

If you're talking about a worst case scenario, like a natural devastation, I might try to root out crops or hunt/fish for some food. If no more options exist, then probably I'll beg for some... to keep my sanity. Keeping yourself hungry for a long time will probably result in mental damage.

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nino20182015 days ago

How to eliminate hunger in three steps?
Eating a basic human need, and on the other hand the thrill and fun of the eye and tongue. When I used to eat, our body gets used to it becoming an urgent need for food for the hungry, and ruthless here beats the alarm before reaching the stage of obesity and related diseases not amenable to control.

If you feel hungry you to overcome it but follow these simple steps and rehearsed whenever a zigzag because the spectre of hunger out basic food times:

-Looking for any other way fun to occupy yourself whenever you feel hungry between meals, read a book or do some exercise, the more your business, the less you think about food and used to it.

-I drink fluids frequently, drink water daily relieves the feeling of hunger between meals, and here we must avoid the trap of fluid filled with calories.

-If you feel hungry between meals, unable to control yourself, you should use low calorie foods like raw vegetables and fruits, it contains fiber will make you feel full and overwhelming desire to devour everything in the fridge.

In the end, the strong will remain the most important factor in getting rid of bad dietary habits.

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esculap2015 days ago

I will go to the dump and eat what is eatable.

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alvindgreat2015 days ago

Hi @nancy.
If that situation comes (and I pray not), I guess I would go out there and beg for foods. I won't risk my body without food. Its always better to be penniless than being physically unhealthy.
If I could do some service to others without begging (sharing my talent, working for someone, doing some chores and running errands etc) in exchange for food or money, then it would be great.
When the time comes that I have an extra penny, I would not hesitate to give back to those people who helped me in my desperate times, or to other people in desperate need too like I was.

Hope you find these helpful and relevant @nancy. If I helped you in your cause one way or another, please select me as best answer.
Cheers dear. Stay sexy and pretty.

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AmericanDawg2015 days ago

I live in a small town and a worst case scenario is no food pantry's or shelters close by and if I had to help my family ,
I would steal the food. (GOD will forgive me )
This would not be my 1 option but it is the best temporary solution till I could figure something else out.

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Colie2015 days ago

1. Contact your local Catholic church and get the # for the St. Vincent de Paul Society in your area which has local food banks, soup kitchens, and thrift stores in most communities. You can also call the St. Vincent de Paul's national office # (314) 576-3993 or find local information via the web at

2. BJ's, Costco, Trader Joe's, and Whole Foods usually have stations set up (especially BJ's and Costco) to try new products they are trying to promote. It seems that there are more stations on the weekends, especially on Saturday. We went shopping there and were supposed to go to lunch after and my son was so full from trying so many samples that he had no room for lunch. **You do not need to be a member, you can get a free one day pass at Customer Service and don't have to buy anything**.

3. and Craigslist have a "free" section where I see people giving away bags of food quite often in my area.

4. Friends, family, and local churches can be a great asset when you are down and out and need help. That's what they're there for.

Have a great day and God Bless!

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g1000A2015 days ago

i know how to hunt and fish) first thing i well do i well got to the nearest river to fish and sell fish for any price or find some trees not owned by any one and sell there fruits 2 then when i have enough money to work i well start working until i get fully on my feet then give money for charity for the fishes or the fruit i selled)

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beatrix2015 days ago

I was thought how to fish, that is why when that case came, I am very much prepared.
I would have to work to have some money to buy foods

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atreasurehunter2015 days ago

I would ask my family members and friends to help me gather food so that I can eat and survive.

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ZzMrXzZ2014 days ago

A tree won't ask you a penny for gathering its fruit so no worry. Visit this site for more no money living experience:

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kuklin12013 days ago

Go and make money on the food in any cafe, you will meet and provide a one-time job.

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igor2009 days ago

An example from the life of animals: bear in winter sucks paw.

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