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What famous person would you most like to meet? 5
Created by zoolo, 2016 days ago, 2086 views

Who’s the most famous person you have ever
met? What famous person would you most
like to meet?
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tiger1612010 days ago

I was 9 years old in September 1968 and my mom took me and my siblings to a Nixon rally in Charlotte after school one day. It was 95F, muggy, and we waited three hours for the ratfucker to show up, because we got there early so I could be on the rope line and shake his meaty paw.
Finally his circus pulls up, he leaps out of the car, and from 30 feet away I could see he was as sweaty as a pig hiding in a kosher deli. And I reached my little hand towards him, so I could tell my kids one day that I shook the hand of the future president of the United States, and hollered, "Shake my hand, Mr. Nixon!"
Richard Fucking Milhouse Fucking Nixon, the Fuck, reached right over my 9 year old head and shook the hand of an eligible voter behind me.
My head ended up inside his stinking, sweaty coat, jammed into his stinking, sweaty armpit, until he pulled away to continue shaking hands with people old enough to do something for him, like vote.
I laughed aloud with glee the day that bastard was forced to resign.

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SetupComputer2016 days ago


If possible, I would like to meet Erwin Schrödinger. I would like to ask him if the cat inside his box is alive, or dead, or both, from his prespective. Quantum mechanics stuff. LOL

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Silveringot2016 days ago

I would love to talk to Jeremy Clarkson. Probably about Jaguars and stuff.

Ever watch British top gear? Hes da bomb.

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atreasurehunter2016 days ago

I would like to meet Mike Patton, the marvelous singer of the band Faith No More.

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lindianach2016 days ago

The famous person I want to meet is Shakira. I love her so much. She is my favourite singer :3

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g1000A2015 days ago

well i would choose mohamed ali klay in the ring

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