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What are the advantages and disadvantages of being your height? 5
Created by doll1, 2016 days ago, 1394 views

What are the advantages and disadvantages of
being your height?
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Silveringot2016 days ago

I'm a male 14 years old. 5 foot and 11 inches tall.
I can touch the ceiling in my house.
I can change a battery in a smoke detector without a latter.
I can *almost* change a light bulb without a latter.

I'm mistaken for an adult alot.
I bang my head in the side of my mothers SUV when im trying to enter it. (A SUV riders higher and I still hit my head!)
When I'm crouching and try to stand up 8 out of 10 times I bang the back of my head into something.
I have to bend down more/lay flat to look under something since I'm so tall.

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atreasurehunter2016 days ago

I wouldn't say there are any advantages for my height for I am 163 cm tall and I am 27 years old. Many people mistake me for being 14 years or so old. So I think that is one disadvantage for my height.

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