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What do you do if you can’t sleep at night? 5
Created by shahab, 2016 days ago, 5264 views

What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?
Do you count sheep, toss and turn, or get up
and try to do something productive?
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kings602002 days ago

i see movies all night
Many people drink a lot of caffeinated drinks during the day, and discover that they can't sleep at night. Indeed, caffeine is present in high doses in a huge number of different beverages. Caffeine is a stimulant; having a lot of it in the body can prevent sleep. Coffee is one of the most popular sources of caffeine, and there are more coffee shops than ever before. Sodas are another drink that people have on a regular basis that can have a lot of caffeine, making it so they can't sleep at night.

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lonestar2016 days ago

...counting sheep is nonsens! I mostly try to think nothing until sleep comes itself

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Olpers2016 days ago

I start to do programmig

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Silveringot2016 days ago

I stay up until my eyes want to close them self's if I can't sleep, If that doesn't help you. You may want to talk to doctor about it cause medical disorders like this happen and should be taken seriously.

Here is a link.

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atreasurehunter2016 days ago

I like to read stuff online so that I get sleepy. Usually read posts on reddit and 4chan :D

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maitham2016 days ago

i imagine my self flying and before i went off my house window i fall to sleep that the honest truth :P go figure !!

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g1000A2015 days ago

i start cleaning and fixing stuff

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alvindgreat2015 days ago

Hi @shabab I watch movies when I can't sleep at night. Suddenly, I've got sleepyhead.
Then I sleep my ass out.
I hope it helps my friend.
Great day mate!

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