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what are you doing when you got boring?? Reward $3
Created by Nur_iffah, 2017 days ago, 2589 views

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alvindgreat2016 days ago

Hi @Nur_iffah Boring is a just a state of mind. We are what we train our mind to believe and think. Therefore, when you feel like you are bored, think of things that excites you. There are some differences from people to people in boredom management. I experience the same from time to time; and I conquer them. Maybe the below tips will help you.
1. Cook and feed yourself. When I get boring, I learn and study some new recipe and later on cook something, afterwhich I invite some friends to come over at home and throw some small fancy chit-chats with them over table while eating my dish.
2. Go to the gym. It is said that going to the gym regularly makes your body alive and alert. Thus, boredom is avoided. Your body releases happy hormones when going to the gym keeping you happy and oriented. Aside from that, you are keeping your body fit and healthy.
3. Do some running or cycling. It is a good way of getting away from boredom. You've got to sweat and make your body fit. Plus, you've got to see the beauty of nature. In our country, there are lots of scenes I got to witness when running, whether its the trees, the grass, the shores, sunset or sunrise. My boredom vanishes away.
4. Play your sport of choice. I am into basketball thing. When I got bored, I used to go to the basketball court and play there. Whether Im alone or with some other players out there, I play. It develops your teamwork and camaraderie, plus strengthen your socia skills.
5. Read some books or solve some puzzles/math problems. Sometimes I read some books that interests me when I got bored. It practices your mind and make you think. Boredom is a state of mind, so when you make your mind think, boredom goes away. I am into mathematics too, so the more I got to solve math trivias/puzzles, I used to conquer my boredom. I white poems sometimes to ease my boredom and share my emotions with others thru poems or short stories.
6. Watch movies. I saved a lot of movies, TV Series, animes ad the like to my hard drive. When I got bored, I do some movie marathons. Other times, I invite friends or loved ones with me and do movie marathon with them. It's a good bonding session too.
7. TRAVEL. When I'm bored, I go out of my comfort zone. I go to places I never been before. I am a backpacker. I used to go to places alone sometimes, experience the beauty of nature and meet other people in the process. I develop my sense of responsibility and learn to be independent in the process. I make new friends in the process too.
8. Earn thru the internet. I am into networking. When bored, i used to answer some surveys in the internet. I answer some questions in the internet and help other people in need. I translate in online translation companies sometimes. I earn in the process even at a small amount of time. My boredom is conquered.
9. I play some video/computer games. Computer/cellphone games is a good past time. Sometimes when I am bored, I got my cellphone or laptop and play games. It also develop your alertness and thinking abilities too, while enjoying your leisure time.
10. Chat with friends. Laugh with them. Enjoy their company.
11. Play music. Sometimes I find some comfort in music. It relaxes me. It takes away my stress and problems. Music is life for me. It's a good stress reliever and boredom reliever.
12. Have sex. Kidding aside, your body releases hormones that keeps us alert and energetic after sex. It keeps our muscles and mind conscious and functioning. Boredom is a mental reaction, so when mind is alert and functioning, boredom does not attack. Sex with your partner develops intimacy between you and thus strengthen the love within.

I hope i helped you @Nur_iffah to conquer your boredom. Select me best answer if you find these helpful.


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nino20182017 days ago

Seven feet things for yourself when you feel tired and bored ,,,
When you feel Ptekr mood or fatigue and boredom,
Kavia yourself seven things may return to you vigor and vitality.
These things will return to you the spirit of a new boom ...

1. Massage: When Taatekr atmosphere SKIP TO mood refreshing spring using moisturizing creams rich odors of light like the smell of coconut,
Instead of other heavy creams intended for dry seasons Kalshta and autumn,
Try creams or similar spring fragrances.

2. siesta: Whether on Wednesday evening where everyone is being to end the deferred endeavors, throughout the week,
Or it was a normal working day of the week,
Do not hesitate and Enjoy afternoon siesta, or shut the door in your room and my head on the desk work and rest.
These naps might improve your productivity and increase your ability to focus and attention,
But this does not increase his nap for thirty minutes, Vxiaodtha will push your body toward deep sleep stage, which means that wake up and you are suffering from the throes of sleep.

3. pet: whether pet your pet a cat or a small goldfish or sparrow thin,
The interaction with animals lowers blood pressure and cholesterol,
And it raises serotonin levels (a chemical is secreted in the brain to improve mood).
4. sauna: Go to the gym just to use the sauna room Identify the task required,
Orientation and sports equipment across the hall to the locker room without ascending to any device for in your body big soft towel with a long dander and go in the sauna room.
Sit and kept them longer than usual.

5. out on a journey: Do you know the feelings of renewal after seeing the world from a new perspective, which Tantabk after returning from vacation?
Get on those feelings now watching the landscape in your country.
Look around on the beach and Asarha Bbesrk in the sky and come out to the sea or land or even go to a restaurant or cafeteria did not go to them before, or Zori museum locally Chahidih not before.
The meaning of all of this that the role of tourist Tmthlee without the need for a passport or a bag,
Or any other aspect of travel.

6. candy: When you go to the store the next time bought some strawberries and a piece of dark chocolate,
At home nationalist chocolate dissolved in a water bath,
Dip the strawberries then Galafia transparent foil and place in the freezer until completely frozen TWO of them every day Valhuklath dark and strawberries Gnetan anti-oxidants beneficial for the heart.

7. separation: We are all 'plugged' these days, and we do not notice the tension arising from the ongoing mobile telephone calls and e-mails and is available when you time to yourself,
Keep it only to you, and that the separation of all means of communication with the outside world.
Cover split then this peace and quiet, and fever daydream,

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unclesamhain2017 days ago

Porn is not on the list.

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nino20182017 days ago

What do you do when you feel bored?
We come times where I feel bored, bored of the monotony, the boredom of everything around us, what do you do when you feel bored?
Is it when you do the thing that said to avoid being bored Do not work?

How to get rid of boredom in step 20
Boredom .. some of us feel to it without knowing what is .. and some other says that depression and go, and, some thought it's normal routine in life ..

It is possible to be bored all Zllk and more .. but we must find out the causes of it .. and how treatment,,
The causes of boredom

1 - removed from the social life: Yes, it has become possible to dispense with people; you can shop online .. It can solve your problems through it .. you can spend your time in reading .. and even memorizing the Quran and receive science you can do alone with the help of a small frequency devices behind it or listen to it, but you Anazalk about the world it is normal?

2 -alnevs if Colette malt »if the laughter and the feeling of happiness is something so challenging for you, and you find it difficult to do the feeling they must consult a specialist psychiatrists; soul is created by God and honors you need to entertain.

3 - lack of a sense of the importance of time: The point may be the cause, may be the result; boredom may not make you feel the importance of the time. Today, like yesterday like tomorrow, it may be not to your appreciation of the importance of time and reason for boredom.

4-routinely do the work without feeling the importance of the same, or third parties without introducing change it or develop it.

5-negligence on the nature around us, and not meditation in the kingdom of God, and therefore not feeling the greatness and beauty of the universe, and the greatness of the human soul, and the goal of our existence

How to get rid of boredom?
Steps to get rid of boredom Stsepk Balandhash; for simplicity and ease of application, and all I will do these steps bring you closer to the goal of understanding created for him: «worship God, and reconstruction of the earth !!!
1 - Find out why you feel bored? If the reason is you have to work himself frequently, add to it some new things, or doing differently

. For example, domestic work being done by the housewife can be fun if I listened to him during their performance to some audio tapes that carry interesting information, or carried out by a sports movements; it becomes the goal is to do household chores, as well as to maintain body fitness

- If boredom because of laziness, becomes the proficiency of sleep, and live a healthy life organization.

- If the boredom out of fear of doing a number of the many backlog, do divide the business into simple steps and objectives.

- If boredom because there is not what you do, some sports Fmars first; it will help you to think properly, and you'll find what you are doing, or speaking with a close friend about what is bothering you, the simple act of talking in front of you could open the doors closed.

2 -Your away from social life

Integration with the outside world is important, and will not feel its importance only when they displace about you cover, dressed and go to meet a friend or up kin, or sit with the elderly .. tried to learn from all, and find out what may fill your life fun and wisdom.

3 - Entertainment is important

But entertainment to the satisfaction of God of change and travel and banter and laughter, and all these things God has permitted us to help us to obey him; appetite is bright Almstbhrh be able to choose from the world over of carryout and brings out, according to the most benefit, and find pleasure in achievement, and provide assistance to others.

4 Dealing properly with time

For this you first have to feel its importance; but God and praise for this blessing, I knew that if exploited properly won in this world and the hereafter.

5 - meditation in the universe

When you integrate ourselves with the world around us we discover what makes us pleasure and inspiration, and show us the opportunities that we did not know it already exists, and put our hands on citizen creativity within us.

6 -gar your thoughts change your life

Ideas control the behavior .. Set yourself targets make you feel alive, it is impossible to get bored and you're trying to build your life and achieve your goals.

7 -astkhaddm imagination properly

Try to paint a picture of yourself in the future are landmarks that aspires to be on them, and the nice thing about fiction is that you can not put all your terms, and try every experience what you love.

8 - Use movement to combat boredom

Do some walking .. Write ten things you can do, and never in practice to overcome the feelings of surrender in you

9 - sparked curiosity inside you

The curiosity of knowledge and discovery, Ogz this curiosity reading and watching programs that reveal you to cover a lot of scientific facts amazing, and traveled across time and across distances with trips and history programs, and make sure that the world is still by many who did not know or discover after.

10 - discovered the teachings of your religion

As I tried to discover the world around you, and mastered Ebadatk; in this much debt, which did not study it in school, and did not discover after, and then discovered the miracles in your creation, and participated in around you discovered what you have learned

11--talm Modern technology

And what they offer you services, and continued development of devices, Valle imaging may Trek a lot of the beauty of nature around you, and have yet to discover secrets.

12 - Think about what you love to play

And not with do not like .. mastered hobby or activity - especially those activities that need to be hand skills - and if your hobby mastered Flmha others, and encouraged them to get rid of boredom.

13. Avoid people Almji and who view the world through dark glasses

Try to take into their own hands if you estimated; if you need to extend a helping hand to you Stay away quietly, and deal with yourself first, then helped others.

14 - March collective and individual sports, and I feel proud of your accomplishments.

15 - look for a second job temporarily increase your income

And take advantage of this additional income for the study of a new science, or buy what helps you to discover the world around you, or exercised by new hobbies.

16 - enter the kitchen and make new meal for the family may mean a lot to you and to them

With the advance of science and technology has become a culinary note in itself, especially if taken in the search for healthy and beneficial food.

17 - Contact old friends

Try to gather them a regular meeting to know what they have accomplished, and talked about your achievements.

18 - do not resort to eat to escape from boredom and that had to be handled vegetables and fruits.

19 - Always remember that boredom question who we cultivate in our minds, we are also, of that we can get rid of them

Do not try to get rid of the boredom greater than the problem, if not operated Vnevsk right Cgletk vanities, do not wait for that certain something to happen, or that a particular person appears to take you back to life; but never in your practice and your life now fought boredom.

Most of us over the desire to get out of court life to sit on the runway, not with the fans, but with the viewers who are watching the players without having any desire to participate in the events of the pitch, this desire comes when a person feels that he does not want to do what it do Bh.ukiewih Dealing with this feeling and desire are those that differentiate between successful people and others.

20 - If you do not find yourself in any way you Vopetkr way to get rid of the boredom and more importantly, to feel Balsaaadh someday Tsevolha others, and Bzllk you got rid of the boredom and make others benefit.

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lonestar2016 days ago

I wait until it's over!

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azzromyo2016 days ago

Hi @Nur_iffah

dear follow these steps hope this help:'re-Bored

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SetupComputer2016 days ago


I translate a software to another language.

I get a free license, I practice my language skills, and I practice typing all at the same time. Plus, I become a recognized contributor. I need merits of finished work since I'm preparing to participate in open source communities to spread open source software (commonly free of charge) to other people, to reduce the digital divide between the rich and the poor.


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Olpers2016 days ago

Its not fixed what I do when I am bored:

*Jogging/walking outside (it depends if its daytime/night)

*Making a schedule what to do tomorrow

*Try to count number of water glasses drank today


*Combing/oiling hair

* Olive oil massage on whole body

*Read books/magazines

thats what I have got. :)

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Silveringot2016 days ago

Silveringots 10 ways to fix what humans have done. (Boredom Edition.)

10. (If you drive.) Find a cool looking road and drive a little aggressively on it, If you start giggling then I succeeded.

9. Having a pet, There not just there to be maintained, If you get off your computer and actually play with a pet you can experience a decent amount of fun!

8. Read a interesting book/fun filled book! One where there is a adventure and the people in the book get confused and maybe hurt but at the end they come out alive and have conquered what they wanted to do!

7. Find a hobby, (My hobby is cleaning/detailing cars.) Finding a hobby will, Pass the time, Have you be productive, Impress your friends, Maybe even a job opportunity.

6. Classic TV, Just don't watch anything bad (Like a 1 star movie this will increase boredom. UNLESS its a funny bad movie like Birdemic <- This movie type is ok.)

5. Eat Out, If you have a enough money go to a fancy restaurant. This will make you fill rich, Maybe chat with someone there or try to make new friends.

4. Games, As long as there nothing like Cat Mario 1-4 then I think you should be ok, Duke Nukems Forever is bad but its funny.

3. Travel, Even if its one town over traveling will let you explore the region your in, Also you may find cool little shops to either look at or buy stuff at. At a town hall or library you may be able to find out the history of the area.

2. Volunteer work, Pass the time while doing something good! This will make you fill important since your either helping the environment or helping people who are poorer then you.

The ultimate way to get rid of boredom is?!?!
1. Nothing... If you find your self bored then you might want/should see if there's anything missing or out of place. Normally (If you work.) you really should not be bored since your time is taken up by work.
If you work and your bored, Try getting a promotion or finding a more interesting job. If your fine with your job and still bored, See if anything at your house needs fixing, Is it messy? Broken?, If not and your still bored then proceed to look at the rest of this list above.

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atreasurehunter2016 days ago

1. Write a story, poetry, articles for my blogs.
2. Surf reddit and 4chan.
3. Listen to music like Periphery and Faith No More.
4. Chat with friends on my mobile phone.

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alvindgreat2016 days ago

Thanks @Nur_iffah
I look forward to having some business with you or meeting you in person someday.
Best regards.

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MeaningOfAHobby1690 days ago

Im glad that light is being directed in this direction as I do believe boredom is dangerous and often hidden behind our happy social media profiles. Even though there's a big crowd in denial. So listen to this, the truth of the matter is, being bored is kind of counterproductive.

A lot of people have big goals, dreams and even a vision, yet they find themselves in a place on the internet, reading an article on what to do when they're bored. I really want to spread genuine awareness that people themselves are in control of their future.

I do think it's a real issue with being bored and being self critical when you see all the happy & successful people on our social media platforms.

So listen to this: I read some amazing content were there was no fluffy fairy tales about the road to success, only the straight up truth. And I really think this article can bring value for every community. Give it a read but be prepared for the harsh truth that work is needed:

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