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 Will we ever cure cancer? -

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Will we ever cure cancer? 5
Created by walker, 1117 days ago, 1014 views

Will we ever cure cancer?
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ali_abbasi1117 days ago

A great man never say impossible because impossible says Im possible. :)

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g1000A1117 days ago

yes cancer was cured but the usa government didn't reveal the way to make some money. now you can say thank you usa

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azzromyo1117 days ago

We can't 'cure cancer', but we can stay one step ahead of it

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SetupComputer1117 days ago

Yes, I believe we can cure cancer in the future, but I also believe that there will arise a much more devastating sickness, and thus repeat the cycle of finding a cure.


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alvindgreat1117 days ago

hI @walker Nowadays, there is no clear and definite way to treat cancer, but I believe in the near future; cancer will be curable.
Prevention is better than cure. So live a healthy life. Eat healthy foods. Refrain from vices and doings that you think will harm your body. Detoxify yourself. Make a point that you have allotted some time for some recreational and sports activities to keep you fit and alert. Exercise and eat a balanced diet.
Curing any disease is hard; but preventing them from ruining your body is a way easier. Just be disciplined enough and motivate yourself enough to practice healthy living, not just for yourself but for the entire family.
Long Live!

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Silveringot1117 days ago

Unless doctors and scientists put great *focus* to solving it. We will never stop cancer. (But hey water on mars is 10x more important anyway right?) <- Now do you know what I mean by 'focus'

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Icuska683 days ago

Tudomásom szerint már a rák gyógyitható! Figyeljünk oda magunkra,és mielőbb forduljunk orvoshoz,hogy segíteni tudjanak.Egészséges táplálkozás sok séta,levegő.

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