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Why is there a 16GB iphone 6s? Reward $3
Created by Nelson1962, 1177 days ago, 2381 views

I heard this on the news that you can shoot 4K video with the new Iphone 6s. Some guy tested it and found that iphone 6s 16GB can only store 30 minutes of 4K video at maximum. I am so curious why they made such an expensive phone with such low storage?
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SetupComputer1177 days ago


Apple is probably reducing the selling price of iPhone 6s so they went to selling a 16Gb version. Internal memory is expensive, that's why you will always see average phones with low ROM with MicroSD card slots for the users to expand memory storage.

Unfortunately, iPhones don't come with memory card slots so users will always have to bear with it.


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azzromyo1177 days ago

-Step 1: make sure you buy your iPhone or iPad using agree in terms of storage space!

We mean this, that you are dependent on its iPhone and iPad completely, and don't use computers, or all your work on the iPhone and iPad, make sure to buy a device with storage space above, starting 32 GB up to 128 GB, this is for you, if you are using normal usage, and comes to you this message, know that you are abusing the storage, you must follow the following methods to resolve the problem.

-Step 2: delete the excess applications you need.

In many cases you could download apps by curiosity and you don't need them, or take advantage of our offers of free apps for a limited time, take advantage of the offer to keep the app in your alaitonz, but you don't use it, you don't need to keep you on your computer.

To do this enough click on settings in the message memory full, or enter to settings then General, then using, then storage management, and you will see a list of applications installed on your computer, in order of most used application for storage space, and delete unused application enough choice from the list and deleted, and the same thing with games that may be played and graduated, there's no need to keep it on your computer.

It remains to mention you'll have a better idea, is to transfer applications to synchronize with alaitonz on your computer, all applications will be transferred for safekeeping in library applications in iTunes, and from there if you need it you can retrieve them without having to download from the appstore.

-Third step: delete videos and photos from your computer.

It is well known that shooting video or photos through iPhone consumes large storage space, this is due to the large size of images and video, due to the precision, so the storage space you have will not survive long if you photography enthusiasts, especially if your computer is 16 GB, or 8 GB, it won't survive the next you never organised.

First and best advice, is to do the work of reconnaissance patrol or surveillance or search files in your photos and your video and any video or image not need delete them directly, and don't forget to delete it through the Gallery recently deleted after this will keep your pictures and video only.

Then use intermediate between your device and a computer, such as AnyTrans 4 alternative Itunes which transports you all your files to the computer, and then transfer your photos and videos to the computer, or using any alternative program such as the simple transfer of Itools your photos and your videos, keep them on your computer.

You can also take advantage of cloud services websites such as Google drive, or drobox, or other cloud services to save a copy of your files.

-Step 4: delete audio files and podcasts from your junk.

A simple but important step, too, maybe you download and transfer audio files to your computer, or download the podcast files through the application of podcast, these files may be used by only a few times, and you do not need, if so, they consume a large storage space, be sure to search any file plus and unimportant then delete it! And the same with videos that might be in the video application, don't forget to take a look and delete superfluous!

– Step 5: delete the remnants of the Safari browser and Offline reading lists as well as the chrome files.

That you use the Safari browser to surf the Web, you may find that after a long time it take a lot of space to save temporary files, so that you keep a copy of the websites and pages to read them in Offline mode, you do lose situation and deleted in the following way:

-Enter to settings, then General, then using, then look in the list of application Safari, enter and then delete saved pages as in the following image:

Don't forget to also enter through the settings and then Safari and deleted cookies and data as well as data on the browsing history, and the same with the chrome browser, you can delete the saved files through privacy settings and then delete browsing data.

Just note that doing this will free up storage the total storage space but after browsing again your browser will download these files for download acceleration.

This simple step is easy and well known, but important, if you are using an application which-jQuery for talks, you lost and deleted many messages, it takes a good area of application, especially if there are pictures and video, pay attention to this step.

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nino20181177 days ago

Today, with an explanation of how the increased memory space to iCloud by deleting files not used

Valid way for iPhone and iPad

Tiger direct explanation:

1. Enter to Settings

2. rappel a bit and login to iCloud.

3. choose a Backup Storage &.

4. login to Manage Storage.

5. under Documents section to Data enter & application that you want to see the files stored in iCloud

6. press Edit button

7. press Delete and then confirm it by pressing the Delete

You explain how images

Here concludes the topic

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nino20181177 days ago

How to increase iPhone storage, and any application that supports

Phone iPhone best smartphone though, its still dissatisfied with several aspects of the phone, which is what we are going to talk about today, is the limited storage capacity of your device

Does the iPhone really limited storage capacity?

This is relative varies from person to person, depending on its manner of use each phone. Some limited use of the telephone on some key functions as a phone call and send messages, and use mail and browse the Internet and installing core applications. There are others who rely on your iPhone to store images and videos and important files, by installing a large number of applications and games, this is not sufficient capacity 16 GB as well as 64 GB. Note that iOS operating system installed on the iPhone is running about 4 GB unit!

As well all know that storage on the phone cannot be increased via external microSD memory cards, these economic policy for Apple, don't expect that to change in the future. So here are some other solutions that consider that may help you if your existing storage capacity you represent a problem.

1. use extra memory!

Yes, I know that the iPhone's phone does not support external memory cards, and of course this is not what I mean. And as they say, "necessity is the mother of invention" so invented multiple companies another way through which you can add additional storage memory via the CAP is added for iPhone.

And one of the most famous examples are the lids company mophie providing you cover increases the storage capacity for the next indigenous capacity, these covers are available in 16, 32 and 64 GB priced at 150 to 180 and $ 250 respectively. This covers also provide you extra battery with a capacity of 1700 mAh battery is the original.

This is good, but you have to bear an increase in the dimensions of the phone as a result of the addition of cover, as well as increase the total weight for the 80 g, and you can almost tendency whenever you want.

2. cloud storage services!

There are many cloud storage services that offer you free storage life, and during the next lines we listed a number of these services and they are known for the vast majority of users

And you can use more than one service to take advantage of free capacity offered by each. You can use e.g. Flicker service for photo and video, and use the other as a Mega service to other files and such.

– Flicker Flickr: store images and video up to 1000 GB for free!

Flickr service is lifting and storing and sharing media files first in terms of free storage to its users up to 1 TB 1000 GB equivalent as well as the advantages of edit and modify those files through a custom application.

IPhone version:

-Mega service: get 50 GB for free!

Mega service provides you with about 50 GB free storage to store your files, and you can increase up to 500 GB account, but in this case you will have to pay $ 11 a month.

IPhone version:

– Service Box gives you 10 GB for free!

Xbox Box service for cloud storage provides you with 10 GB free for registering a new account, and the service supports more than 100 different format files can be reviewed within the application.

IPhone version:

– Dropbox service provides you with 2 GB free!

Dropbox service to just create a new account, you have 2 GB for free, and can increase to 5 GB.

IPhone version:

3. other solutions!

Here are some traditional solutions that can further the free storage space on the iPhone:

– Remove files that you don't need.
– Transfer important files to your desktop or mobile hasobk.
– Remove the applications and games of little use (and particularly bulky).

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kinzy20041177 days ago

why there should be restriction in capacity micro sd slots and other annoying intentionally on purpose drawbacks

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SetupComputer1177 days ago


That's the way they design iPhones, they don't use expansion slots. And unfortunately for you to enjoy more memory you have to buy the more pricey stuff.

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ha141177 days ago

well for another category of consumers, those who are only using the phone for calls, and occasional pleasure and do not want to pay alot of money to get an iphone.

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azzromyo1176 days ago

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BikashG1176 days ago

Because some people may not be able afford 32GB or 64GB. They want everyone to be able to buy apple products.

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azzromyo1176 days ago

This is what looking for the company to achieve more sales by reducing its price, its price is low on iphone 64 GB 100 $ i think this

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maelisone1176 days ago

The 16gb version it's only purpose is to bring more people from other brand. So when they are attracted by the phone and than after use they see that this 16 gb version is not enough and then they will buy another one with more storage. It's only profitable for Apple.

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Silveringot1174 days ago

They do this so that when they make the Iphone 7, It would have slightly more storage (Like 20Gb) and make it a selling point. Then the Iphone 8 will have 25 Gb and so forth. Unless a competitor like Samsung steps in and makes there Galaxy S7 with 30+ Gb storage then Apple would have to start getting serious.

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ZzMrXzZ1174 days ago

There are two purposes. First, they want to reduce the price. Second,They want you to use cloud storage.

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super1174 days ago

Вак формат на телефоне флешке

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renegade1231170 days ago

it is not important

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renegade1231170 days ago

unless you want to film a movie then get another bigger digital connected to mac- final cut pro bro

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bibito20041168 days ago

There is a big amount of apps that doesn't work except by Internal Memory + The Internet Cache And Data So Apple decided to make more money by doing this version because internal memory is more expensive than Sd Cards

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KPridge931168 days ago

I partially think it's a business tactic. I've been to business classes before and they said to make different versions of things and give them different price points to psychologically mess with customers based on their financial class. Sounds dirty, I know, but this is what they said. They said (in example), if you have 3 fruits that are all pretty much the same nutritionally, you can make one 50 cents, one $2 and another $5 and slap a fancy sticker with fancy words on it. The customers without much money will usually pick the lowest price and thus the company still gets money that they wouldn't have had if they wouldn't have offered it. The mid class range will purchase the middle fruit usually because it's cost effective and not the "cheap fruit". Then you have the rich customers who will purchase the $5 fruit just because which puts even more money in the company's pocket. I feel as if it's kind of the same with this, the lowest price with low storage will appear to be the "bad one" and many people will opt out. I actually have this phone and 16GB is great for a normal everyday user who doesn't need much storage. It would be excessive to have anything more for me, I didn't buy into the psychological gameplay. If none of this is the case, then I would guess it's probably just for diferent needs.

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radartdish1168 days ago

Because Apple SUCKS - They like to play mind games with you - while ripping off your wallet and your mind! Be smart like the butterfly that took a bite of that apple and flew away! PEACE

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