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Do you like the kind of feather accessories? 5
Created by jackyjacky, 1451 days ago, 1188 views

When it's on hat or earrings?
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Olpers1451 days ago

It varies from person to person. Mostly feather accessories do not fit on male. it looks good on female

Between, I personally do not like it. It looks cheap and odd. lol .. I like decent/simple persons.

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jackyjacky1432 days ago

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jackyjacky1432 days ago

Do you think above girl is decent ? Buddy

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Olpers1432 days ago

Dude, keep Your girl with you, instead of publishing her on this forum ,

You can get many websites which got pictures of girls. Publish your girl there. Please , Do not ruin this forum


@WiseCleaner_admin :
Please take notice of these pictures,, today is a seducing girl and tommorow is something more naked ?

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DY1357 days ago

I like it on earrings or necklaces, I have two.

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