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Can I enable No GUI boot? Reward $1
Created by Leehom, 1784 days ago, 6851 views

Some tutorials say I can enable No GUI boot to improve boot time, what is NO GUI boot, can I do that? is it safe?
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SetupComputer1784 days ago

Hi @Leehom

A no-GUI boot is like booting with a black screen (like in command prompt).

If you are talking about Windows, it is safe to boot without GUI. A link to no-GUI Windows 8 boot:
There are other tutorials on the net for other Windows OS.

Although, I don't think that removing the GUI will give you a significant boot time advantage. To increase boot time, you might want to decrease startup items, decrease files on the desktop and move it to another partition. Those will give you significant boot sppedup.


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nino20181784 days ago

answer her

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azzromyo1784 days ago

read this :

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sajal271784 days ago



The no GUI boot simply gets rid of the graphical moving bar during start-up. It saves a few seconds but without it you can't know if your system is frozen during start-up.
OS boot information shows a list of what's loading as it happens (during start-up).

suppose :
If you do schedule a disk check at start up you can EASILY be fooled into thinking your computer has frozen, without the GUI to tell you what's going on.

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ZzMrXzZ1783 days ago

Here is full guide about No GUI boot, However, be aware, t could result in some bugs like bluee screen:

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Abhi_IND1782 days ago

run msconfig ,,, under boot tab ... choose NO GUI BOOT

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