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Created by PaulSharon, 1952 days ago, 10274 views

Can a hacker hack into your computer when the computer is turned OFF and unplugged from electricity ?
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Silveringot1952 days ago

I think that a computer can still be hacked even with it off (If it is still plugged into electricity if it is unplugged from all power then its just a box doing nothing and the hacker can't get in.) IF you think your being hacked (after you download a bad file) just unplug your Ethernet cable. YEP its is simple as that, The hacker has no way in and you can still leave your computer on!, While your offline just run some Virus scanners and call your bank accounts to not allow purchases until you say so. (so the hacker can't buy anything!)
Hope this helps!

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nino20181952 days ago

What is alhaking or spyware?

Called in English (Haking). Arabic language called espionage or hack where someone unauthorized access to operating system on your computer illegally for purposes of anomalous such as espionage or theft or vandalism so that person almtgess (hacker) to transfer or licked or adds files or programs it can control the operating system, to issue commands such as giving print command or photography or storage.

Who are hackers?

People who penetrate your computer could see the files or steal or destroy your computer or stalking and watch what you do online

What are the things that help them penetrate your computer?

1. a file patch or Trojan hacker cannot log in to your computer with a file called (patch) or (trojan) on your computer, these files are the hacker can by accessing your PC where the hacker uses a spyware that is associated with the patch file which acts as a (receiver) can put his hacker (user name) and (secret code) to be the only person who can access your computer and also can make your computer open it can any hacker to enter To your computer!

2. Internet hacker is unable to enter into your computer unless you are connected to the Internet if your computer is not connected to the Internet or any other network it is impossible to enter to your computer except you!! So if you feel the presence of your computer hacker, hurried to disconnect Internet line speed to prevent the hacker from further tampering and eavesdropping on your machine.

3. spyware so regular hacker to penetrate your computer must be available with software to hack!

The most famous hackers programs these programs:

Cracker 4

Net Buster

NetBus Haxporg

Net Bus 1.7

Girl Friend


BO Client and Server


How can a hacker access to your computer?

When your computer is infected with spyware and file (patch or Trojan) it instantly opens a port (port) and port into your computer you can have spyware to enter your computer through this file that open area like secret window which enters them bandits they are hackers!!!!

How can a hacker to access a computer?

Hacker is unable to penetrate a particular computer only if several prerequisites:

1. If this computer contains spyware file (patch).

2. If the hacker knows the address IP number of this person. And of course there has to be other conditions contact the victim and learn the hacker how to use spyware and hack through it! In other words, if your computer does not contain any sound files patch it is impossible to enter a normal even if the hacker knows the IP number studied except Pro only they are able to engage in any way and under any mana and have their confidentiality in accessing various systems! If a hacker does not know the IP number of your studying, it will not be able to login to your computer even if your computer contains a patch file

What is the IP number of the study?

Is the address of every user of the Internet i.e. the number that identifies the location of your computer while surfing the Internet and consists of 4 numbers, each part of which refers to a particular address, one of which refers to the country and thus address refers to the address of the company distributed and third to fourth is used for enterprise user. IP number variable is constant, it varies with each entry to the Internet. In other words say you contacted the Internet I looked your IP number and found that:

Then came out from the Internet or lock connect then resumed after several minutes the figure changed to read as follows:

Note the change in numbers: number 200 became 366.

Therefore it is advised not to use display chat programs such as (ICQ alaiskio) because it shows the IP number permanently even with obscure hacker can use it to enter your desired person with the condition is that the computer contains a port or a spy (batch) file!!

How to catch your patch file or Trojan or even viruses?

Method 1: If you receive a file through spyware person or chat (chat) is that a hacker sends you a photo or file that contains the patch or Trojan! We must know dear friend hacker could that Spears patch in the image or file you cannot know not using patch or virus detection software where you see an image or file normally and does not know that contains the patch or virus probably makes your computer a hacker enters streets and spammers!

Method 2: to receive a patch through the e-mail message source is not aware of and did not know what the person sender, download the attachment with the message, and then open it and you don't know that will make everyone entering your machine and you have meddled with.

Method 3: take down programs or files from suspicious sites such as websites or sites that help teach espionage!

Method 4: access to suspicious sites such as sites of citizenship so that once you log into the site it is downloading the file on your computer by cookies don't know them!! Where the owners of such sites by placing pages when a visitor wants to enter these pages are Web pages in order to download spyware on your computer!

How to choose the device you wish to a hacker compromised?

Generally the average hacker cannot choose a specific computer for a breakthrough only if IP number identifies your study as mentioned above it does enter the IP number studied the victim's computer spyware and then ordered to enter the requested device! Most hackers are using a program such as (IP Scan) or IP-number and the detector is a program used by a hacker to get IP numbers which relate to devices multiplied containing spyware file (patch) program is run and the intruder put IBM virtual numbers. Which was to establish two different calls from their search machine for example chooses these figures:

Note the last two digits: 10 and 100

They asked to search a computer containing port (PC factorial) between the computers between the IP-numbers study: and, are devices that asked hacker look!

Then the program by giving the IP number of your computer i.e. the factorial is located within the range that is specified as:

They tell him that this is the IP numbers, multiplied with ports or spy files hacker can then take the IP number and place it in the spyware and then login to fail!

What are the precautions to be taken for protection from hackers?

1. use the latest security software from hackers, viruses and do regular and comprehensive survey on your computer frequently, especially if you are possible using the Internet on a daily basis.

2. don't enter suspicious websites, such as sites that teach espionage and fighting Governments or sites that contain pornographic pictures and films because hackers use such sites to introduce spyware to victims where installed spyware (patch) file automatically on the device once the person to the site!!

3. do not open any email from an unknown source that the hackers are using emails to send spyware victims.

4. not to receive any files during the chat rooms of unreliable persons especially if these files carry extension (exe) such as (love.exe) or files with the extensions (like ahmed.pif.jpg) and such files are programs planted spyware in your computer by hackers can access your computer and cause harm and problems for you.

5. do not keep any personal information inside your computer as private messages or photos or your important files and other information such as bank account numbers or credit card.

6. place the secret numbers to important files so cannot open it only knows the PIN only and is you.

7. try as much as possible for you to have a certain number of friends online, including honesty, integrity and ethics.

8. always try to change the password periodically is porous.

9. make sure the lift cord to connect to the Internet after you are finished using the Internet.

10. do not receive any file and upload it to your PC's hard drive if you are not sure of its origin.

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SetupComputer1952 days ago


No, a REMOTE HACKER cannot access your computer when it is not connected in the internet or network and when it is not plugged in any electrical supply outlet.

A local hacker (such as an officemate, kin, or like) can easily turn it on.

There might be a chance to hack it even if it is turned off as long as it is connected to the internet or network, and it is still plugged. The "magic packet" or Wake-on-LAN feature of your BIOS can do so. A remote hacker having access to your network can send magic packets to instruct it to turn on the computer. When it is already on, anything can happen. If you want to protect yourself against it, turn off the Wake-on-LAN feature of your BIOS.


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azzromyo1952 days ago

Hacking a turned off computer

In general, typically, the answer is "No."

Your PC is off; it's not doing anything. Unless you've taken some extra steps, the PC will not be able to be restarted and hacked from outside if it's been turned off; even if you leave it connected to the internet and to power.

The exception to the rule (and the reason it's not a black-or-white answer) is there is a feature in the network adapter that, when enabled, allows a PC to be remotely turned on and booted. So, in a scenario like that, if the PC has been configured to respond to that request (the remote power-on and the remote boot), then the PC could be turned on remotely.

If at that point the PC did not have appropriate security software installed (say it was not behind a firewall and it did not have anti-spyware, anti-virus... the firewall being the most important part of that equation), then conceivably, it is possible that the PC could be hacked remotely from being powered off.
Allowing remote access

You'll see that this is extremely unlikely. A lot of things have to line up for it to actually happen. You have to have this remote power-on ability (Wake on LAN) turned on in the network; most computers do not.

It's something you have to turn on yourself. If you haven't turned it on; it's probably not turned on. It's a feature in the BIOS in most cases.

And... the PC has to be fundamentally insecure. In other words, it has to be vulnerable when it's running to be being hacked. That's something you can control by putting appropriate security measures into place.

So, like I said, "Sure, it's possible."

It's just extremely unlikely, and you have to make a couple of mistakes to allow it to happen.

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ZzMrXzZ1952 days ago

"YES" he can break into your house and take it away. Is it call hacking? If not then "NO"

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jogncartman362 days ago

I heard about something like that, but it is hard to hack if it is not connected to wifi. So if the computer has no electricity and no wifi connection it is useless. Say thanks to Nicola Tesla that he created electricity.

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Jane1111R359 days ago

On one day, working on my computer, suddenly it started to turn on and off, I got scared because I was working on an important project. At first, I thought that somebody hacked my computer and I unplugged it. But the real problem was the electricity, so I called some specialists Because of the old cables, the connection between them was weak and they have broken the computer charger. Thankfully, the electricians had everything at them and changed the cables very quickly.

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