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Is it OK to leave chargers for phones and other devices plugged in Reward $15
Created by Leehom, 1195 days ago, 2490 views

Is it dangerous to leave chargers for phones and other devices plugged in even though nothing is attached to them? Not asking watt usage? Help please
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maelisone1176 days ago

If it is the original that you bough with the device yes it won't explode or anything bad except it will consume little amount of electricity. But if it's a Chinese or other counterfeit for sure it will someday.

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nino20181195 days ago

Let's take a look at this article on the influence of the survival of the charger is connected to the power jack on the charger all night, said on broiski, co-founder of Farbe Technik which manufactures accessories for freight, leaving the phone plugged into the power socket all night can do, and will not harm your device, and users should know that their phones are extremely intelligent, and once it is fully charged, it knows when it can prevent power from coming to protect your phone from the repercussions of excessive charging.
However, there are some situations that may result by leaving the phone all night into the power socket on the battery, which accelerates the damage and then buy new ones.
And continued on by saying: the lithium ion batteries that behave badly if the phone for high temperatures, leading to damage.
He added: putting users boxes on devices that would not allow leaking heat, the heat will increase the temperature of the battery and sttaksd cell, which will reduce battery life so low and unable to work.
He suggested that users avoid the scenario of phones shipped nothing until 100% whenever possible, as this will disable the battery and accelerate damage. The alert was on several important points, including the use of cables, chargers, phone doesn't leave until very hot, keep the battery between 50 and 80% and not leave until completely discharged and then recharged to 100%.

In the British study conducted on users of mobile devices to show that one of every five users leaves his computer plugged into charger until after arrival battery indicator to 100%, and some do it so cracker could change path its energy at a later time, others he ytaags to remove the device from the charger after charging is completed.

The consequences of these actions are actually somewhat dangerous, whether at the individual or cumulative level, recognizing the costs of failure to remove device from charging $ 100 annually, combined to shorten the life of the phone's battery, which in turn leads to either buy a new battery or buy a new phone.

Generally, in Britain alone costs of overcharging for devices up to 134 million pounds about $ 210 million, and these amounts are lost to energy without need, for families looking for ways to economize energy costs lifting device directly after completed charging is one of the easiest ways to do this, because as I said keep device charger is optimal use of energy because the energy turns into heat and therefore a waste of resources.

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ryanaxis1195 days ago

for me its no no because it can cause a great fire.

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ha141195 days ago

charger draws an average of 3.68 watts when the phone is on and charging; 2.24 watts when it is on and charged; and 0.26 watts when it is just hanging out in the socket.

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azzromyo1195 days ago

Its not a problem, Any commercial available DC/AC converter is designed to be able to run with no load (Nothing connected to it). BUT, even when there is nothing connected to it, they draw some power, which can show up on your electricity bill if you got like 30 chargers plugged in 24/7 (and even then it will be just cents).

I always have my phone charger connected to the power outlet.

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ZzMrXzZ1195 days ago

You can feel free about this. My father is an electrician, he said that chargers won't explode so do not worry. When not plugged in most wall chargers for smaller gadgets like digital cameras, cell phones, MP3 players, etc. draw a fraction of the power they use when charging something. Most end up using somewhere between 0.5 to 2 watts when plugged in (but not connected to a device), which isn’t a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. Even if you completely forgot about a charger and left it plugged in all day, every day for a month you’d probably end up adding at most about 10 or 15 cents to your electric bill.

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SetupComputer1195 days ago

My experience says YES. DON'T LEAVE AN UNATTENDED CHARGER, WHETHER BEING USED OR NOT. You can also read that precaution in almost every electronics manual.

My brother had a Samsung S3. All original. He unplugged the phone from the charger, though he left the charging unit plugged in. It exploded, and shocked my mother. Though not a thing was damaged (only the charger and the wall outlet), it terrified my mom. I wonder if that happens to hypertensive persons.

I had a Nokia phone (at its time) and left a charger on the wall socket. It burned. I can mention other personal examples, and you can search the net for more.

In general, as part of good housekeeping, we arrange things in proper places, especially when not in use. That is a time-tested way of living, so I suggest we apply it even in our electronic devices. I always check the house at night and make sure that no devices were left plugged before I sleep, except perhaps for the refrigerator and the fan or airconditioner.

You know, it is also written in almost all electronics manual that whatever damage happens, you waive the manufacturer from any liability. Use your devices safely, don't leave them unattended.

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sowmini1189 days ago

yeah it is dangerous!!! coz my charger got blast once i plugged in for more than 5hrs.

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Silveringot1152 days ago

I believe it is ok, But not with older devices (6+ Years.) since they might not have a limiter after it charges so it might just keep pulling causing the battery to either leak acid or explode or worst case scenario a fire. Unlike newer devices where the producer knows your going to leave it plugged in all night and installs limiters on them. Sure it will pull a little after its charged but not as much as a it was when it was charging.
So in short, It is ok to leave a device plugged in, But don't trust a older one.

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kinzy20041140 days ago

NO problem like your monitor standby led or phone in standby mode consumes very very less power

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