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Swollen battery? 5
Created by fy591381, 1196 days ago, 2404 views

My mobile battery swollen, could it be repaired?
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rfe45851196 days ago

No, only you have to buy a new one.

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jamriz1189 days ago

nope. its swollen cause of the temperature. buy another one and try not to let it heat.

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SetupComputer1189 days ago

No. Buy a new one. That is already in danger of imminent explosion.

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azzromyo1189 days ago

A swollen battery is not something to play around with – it is very unsafe since it can leak and damage the device or even explode and cause fire. You should not place a swollen battery on a charger and leave it .A swollen battery CANNOT be fixed. Pricking it with a pin will not fix it.
It is also best to replace the swollen battery with an original replacement since these tend to be safer and may also perform better. Finally, avoid cheap generic chargers (if possible), it would be well worth it to pay extra and get the proper charger for your device.

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nino20181189 days ago

Get to know the main causes of swelling or damage your phone battery and methods of treatment

Some face from mobile phone users numerous problems in battery and mostly occurs in the battery!! And some wonder why these problems occur, they do not know it bertkbon acts of reason in all this now, let's learn about the most important of these reasons:

1. the incorrect shipping method and consists of several components:
-Overloading the need, some when putting the phone to shipping leave long periods and this pushes the shipper to pump a large amount of electrical energy which leads to its swelling!!
-Take off the phone from the charger before the battery completely and the maximum damage on the battery and displays shipping finite speed
-Work or use the phone while charging and the biggest reason sign of damage on the battery
-Connect the charger to the battery and are containing a proportion of freight, you must wait until the cargo completely and not shipped

2. temperature and humidity of the largest battery swelling factors

3. switch its battery charger as this is completely wrong because all its battery charger is set on its own frequency, when you connect another charger gives the waves too much or too little, decimating the battery and cause damage

All causes damage or bulging battery after a period of use, and take these tips to fade the risks of damage to the battery or its swelling:
1. take off the charger from the phone only after the battery is fully

2. do not leave the charger connected to the phone a long time, when the full charge has to take off the charger from the phone

3. do not switch the battery charger for your phone with another phone charger because the maximum damage on the battery

4. do not use the phone while it is connected to the charger as this weakens the power of the battery

5. do not expose your phone to high temperature or high humidity atmosphere by

6. do not charge the battery only when completely emptied of shipping by store

And after knowing the reasons here are some tips for maintaining your battery from damage or swelling

1. do not disconnect the charger from the phone only after the battery is fully

2. do not leave the charger connected to the phone after charging

3. use charger custom phone and do not use other chargers or poor Chargers

4. do not use mobile phones while charging and prefers to lock it or select flight mode for faster shipping

5. do not expose the charger to high llharah

6. do not connect the charger to the phone after charging the phone

For treatment I will give you a good way to spread a lot on forums you want to share with you
The way some of my friends were tested and the results were positive.
Method as follows.
Insert the battery in the bag is closed from all sides!
Then put the battery in the freezer for at least 17 hours
After this duration, recharge your battery for 8 hours
And see the result!

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ZzMrXzZ1189 days ago

Just throw it away. It's not very expensive. Battery consists of many toxic chemicals, don't ever tr to risk your life for this. It's not worth.

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Silveringot1184 days ago

If it is swollen then replace it. If the battery is leaking acid then you might want to call somebody to clean it up (Depends if the battery acid got on anything to cause damage like a sofa. If it touches human skin it can cause burns!)

Hope that the battery hasn't imploded yet!

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