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Camera hangup? Reward $530
Created by fy591381, 1141 days ago, 1429 views

I have an old model old mobile. when i tried to take photo & shows option "loading" and then nothing works?
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Robot1139 days ago

Freezing/Hanging of mobile phone is the worst thing that no-one desires to come.
Almost every smartphone, whether its Nokia, Samsung, Micromax or any other, after prolong use one or the other time phone begins to freeze/hang too often. Sometimes even a few weeks old phone would hang up unexpectedly. Mobile phone is a small version of any general computer and laptop, it can contain RAM, External memory, different OS like Android, Symbian, Windows and so, Different processors, Graphics, Camera and lot more. If they can freeze/hang up why can't mobile phone. If you don't take good care of your mobile phone, it might create troubles for you because you can live without your favorite food but you can't live without your mobile phone even for single day.
- See more at: following things:
1- Power off & then restart it.
2- Reset factory setting.
3- Formate your mobile memory.
4- Uninstall unnecessary & large apps which keep your device busy.
5- If nothing works, though it & buy a new one.......

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naeem1141 days ago

Dear, i think you have nokia type mobile because these old model shows such problems.Try following things:
1- Power off & then restart it.
2- Reset factory setting.
3- Formate your mobile memory.
4- Uninstall unnecessary & large apps which keep your device busy.
5- If nothing works, though it & buy a new one...........................

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cuttergs1141 days ago

buy a new one

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SetupComputer1141 days ago

I suspect that issue has something to do with available memory. If it has a memory card insert slot, place a blank memory card and direct photo storage to it. If it does not, then clear up items eating the internal memory, like the messages, contacts, call logs and old photos or videos.

If this does not work, then factory reset your phone.

If abovementioned steps don't work, then take your phone to the nearest authorized service provider and have them check it, or just buy a new one depending on your preference.

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azzromyo1141 days ago

TRY these steps :
1-shut off your mobile and remove the battery
2-replace the battery after 10 second and power on the camera still showing black screen do this :
3-soft reset by pulling out the battery when it is power on
4-reset the factory setting
5-remove unuseless files to let large in the phone memory
6-if the mobile still showing black screen maybe the actual camera piece is malfunctioning on the phone

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nino20181141 days ago

The first solution is to restart your computer
If the problem does not work never
Go to settings
Choose what fits your problem
The second option "erase all content and settings" will delete all the contents of your computer and make it new

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kuklin131139 days ago

Обнови систему!!!

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ZzMrXzZ1139 days ago

Too many trashes on an old mobile would cause this. Restore to factory settings or buy a new one would help.

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attar1138 days ago

your camera hardware is broken, i think you should change your hardware with new. im sure it will be fix your phone

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azzromyo1138 days ago

hi you can try this steps :
1- turn off your mobile and wait for 10seconds
2-remove your mobile's battery and wait for 10 seconds
3-after this you can turn your mobile on and after this remove your mobile's battery while it's on this methode is soft reset; if this not fix this try to
4-reset the phone to the factory setting
5-erase all unuseless files because this can not help the phone to store the pictures then the camera is hangup ( black screen )
if there is no step help you to resolve the problem dear the camera piece of your phone is damaged
i hope this help you

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abidderl21138 days ago

Formate your mobile hard drive................

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