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our education systen and its disadvantage? 5
Created by yasir21, 1050 days ago, 1282 views

"Every nation claims that their education system is perfect and fulfill all the requirements". If it is true then why always knowledge is being abused/misused in every field of life for the fulfillment of wrong desires?
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AmericanDawg1049 days ago

Hi Yasir ,
In response to your question of why is Knowledge abused and misused.
I believe it's Human Nature and the desire to control others .
Those that are poor and uninformed are controlled by those that have had a upper level education .
Many of them get into politics and have an arrogance that they know better than the unwashed masses.
They desire to impose their will and influence or manipulate to improve their status in life.

You asked a very good question and I hope others weigh in on the issue. Thanks.

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SetupComputer1050 days ago

Well, nothing is perfect, even education systems.

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ZzMrXzZ1050 days ago

The very best education is learning by yourself

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polas61049 days ago

I thing it's right ;)

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kaser281049 days ago

I think the state has introduced a system of education within the policy must therefore be that there is intense competition among all States in this matter and I think is fine

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Tewies1048 days ago

learning by yourself >

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saidniel1048 days ago

the human mind is not the same and there is no good man bad man. you live that determines you how

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berge1047 days ago

Really difficult question...

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AmericanDawg1047 days ago

Thank You Yasir

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jonetar1047 days ago

Eveything is corrupt here.

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rehan051047 days ago

Primarily It is ridiculously out-dated! Beyond that there are several problems like lack of infrastructure, very less transparency and serious decline in the quality of teaching. Because of all this reasons the interest and enthusiasm is destroyed at school or grad level itself. Look around in schools and colleges.. Students are just interested in passing/scoring! There is no stimulus to their innovation or imagination. The whole 1.2 billion$ worth system is designed to manufacture donkeys.
Some say we produce thousands of engg n other professionals who are a major part of Europe and USA's work force and that they are a by product of this system. I have a clear cut argument against it. Why did they choose US or UK for their masters? And if you have so much of brain which is being drained. Why are wenot being a part of their R&D depts in US & UK. We are hired to do jobs in sales, operations and finance. Whereas patents are still being registered on the name of western scientists, because they are the once who are doing research. How many software professionals in US and UK went on to start their own firm?
Look at the uni rankings all over the world and you will know that all this is a by-product of a system flowing down the drain!

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sermoro631046 days ago

Each country should impose its own education

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defender1045 days ago

Yeh, you are right..............

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