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How do I fix this message on my Computer, message below? Reward $52
Created by BladonUnderwood, 1834 days ago, 6630 views

How do I fix this message on my Computer, message below?
"Adobe Flash Player was blocked because it is out of date,"
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chipset421834 days ago

You seem to have a very old version of Chrome. It should be 43.x at least.
Also make sure it starts automatically updating. Error 1 suggests the update service is missing from your computer. Reinstalling should fix this. Check the About page after reinstalling and it should have no error, instead showing it is up to date. If you still see the error you should try to resolve it... Goolging around might produce possible fixes.

If all else fails, uninstalling ALL Google products from your PC will force an uninstall of the Google Update tool; reinstalling Chrome (and anything else removed) will reinstall it from scratch which should ultimately fix the issue. I recommend get the chrome installer from official website of google. third party websites sometimes gives old versions of installer.

For firefox, update your firefox browser and visit on official website to get the updated version of adobe flash.

open this link below to get the latest version for your firefox and other web browsers. open this link below :-->

Hope above instructions and tips might help you. :) ....

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blob1834 days ago

You have to update Adobe Fkash Player...

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ZzMrXzZ1834 days ago

Mozilla has blocked all versions of Flash in Firefox due to third zero-day found in Flash Player by Hacking Team. Google Chrome too blocks older versions of Flash automatically and shows this error message for a flash content page ‘Adobe Flash was blocked because it is out of date’ and offers ‘Update plugin’ and ‘Run this time’ options.

Update plugin won’t update the plugin, instead it takes you to the Chrome help page, clicking ‘Run this time’ is not recommended.

Fix Chrome’s ‘Adobe Flash Player has been blocked because it is out of date’ Error

I. Ensure you’re using the latest version of Chrome as of this date (latest version number is 43.0.2357.132). If you can’t update Chrome browser, run Google Software Removal Tool, which corrects the auto-update issue. Here is the link for it: SRT.

II. How to update Pepper Flash in Chrome

1. Make sure Pepper Flash Google Chrome uses is also up-to-date, currently it has version number: For this, visit chrome://components page

2. Under Pepper_ flash, click ‘check for update’, latest flash update will be downloaded and installed, status reflects that change.

Chrome Components page offers check for update button for pepper flash

Note: This is the best way to update flash in older versions of Chrome.

ALSO SEE: Chrome to Block Adobe Reader Plugin by Default, Here is How to always open PDF files with It

3. If that doesn’t help, confirm you’re using only PPAPI Flash, not NPAPI Flash. For that, visit chrome://plugins page, click on ‘ Details’ to expand, ensure only one Adobe Flash Player is listed and enabled, and its type should be shown as PPAPI (out-of -process).
If you still get the message, then just click "Run this time" options, no need to fix anything.

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gep1834 days ago

to make it simple when you are using google chrome browser; if you see in your browser an x sign located at the upper right of the window click it then click allow if this will not work you have to update your google chrome browser, just type google chrome update and all the information will appear how to update your google chrome and you have to download it. Second, you have to update you're Adobe Flash Player by changing the setting of your Adobe Flash Player automatic update if you're having difficulty finding the settings? you can type again in your browser update Adobe Flash player and all the information you will need is there. Now, The same as Mozilla Browser if a message will appear just click allow if it doesn't work make the procedure thesame as in google chrome and update your adobe flash player as well. hope this simple explanation will help. knowledge is power ;)

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ha141834 days ago

@BladonUnderwood which browser, windows version
Adobe Flash has been blocked because it's out of date

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sajal271834 days ago


It's possible that may be Flash Player disabled in Chrome. To reenable it:

1. Type “about:plugins” (without the quotation marks) into the address bar at the top of a Chrome browser window.
2. Click “Details” at the upper-right corner of the page.
3.Find the “Flash” (or “Shockwave Flash”) listing on the Plug-ins page and click the corresponding “Enable” button.
4.Close all Chrome windows and restart the browser.

If this doesn't help try this also

Make sure Flash is up to date

Open Chrome.
In the address bar, type chrome://components and press Enter.
Under “pepper_flash," click Check for update.

Hope this will help

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Ravindra_21834 days ago

just update your flash player

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KPridge931833 days ago

In my business, I have to use software that runs on Adobe Flash constantly and I know seeing this message can become the biggest pain in the butt - especially when it ends up shutting down your design software after you've been working for hours... different story though.

I don't know where everyone else is getting these crazy ideas of why the message is coming up, it's as simple as updating your Flash player from the Adobe website. They tend to update Flash quite frequently.

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oxana1827 days ago

just Update Adobe Flash Player

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SetupComputer1827 days ago

Hi @BladonUnderwood!

You just need to update your adobe flash plyer. The prompt "out of date" message should disappear.


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hasherjohn1822 days ago

Update your software !

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xperia1806 days ago

This issue will be solved automatically when you update your flash player next time.................

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