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How to make yourself relax when feeling heavy stress? Reward $2
Created by hellen, 1528 days ago, 2231 views

Would you like to share how to make yourself relax when you feel stress?
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darari1528 days ago

You don't have to feel alone in your plan to minimize the stress in your life. You'll feel better about your feelings and less isolated if you're able to openly and candidly speak about your stress to a friend or family member. Just having someone who will listen to your problems will help you minimize your level of stress.
Talk to a close friend about how stressed you're feeling. It's likely that your friend is also dealing with stress or has dealt with serious stress at some point, so be open to suggestions and advice.
Open up to a family member about your stress. A family member can help give you the affection and support you need to overcome your stress.
peace and love , enjoy the life . there is only one life .
hope this picture will makes u smile :)

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agapitoflores1528 days ago

Hi hellen,

It seems you are having problems on relaxation, here are a few tips to unstress your self:

1) Eat well and do excercise - well good health means good mood, and helps you get away with headaches.
2) Do gardening - If you have enough space in your house you might consider planting small ornamental plants. As my mother tells me; If your tired of doing something then the best rest is doing another activity. And anyway, psychologist says that looking at something green relaxes our mind.
3) Smile - even if there are no reasons smile, it signals your brain to relax, and get back on a good mood.
4) Listen to good music - we all have our choices of good music. You might want to try relaxing sounds on youtube such as this;

5) Breathe heavily - this always works for me.

Cheers and I hope you will find it easier to relax. Smile!

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WiseWarriors1528 days ago


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ZzMrXzZ1528 days ago

Just go home and gather with you family, talk to them and eveything will make its way.

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KnowsALot1527 days ago

It's simple, all you have to do is forget what you're stressed at, like making yourself busy in other things, like reading calming stories, drinking soothing tea, sleep warmly with your family, concentrate on calming and wonderful things, like for example, if you're always put under pressure, don't panic, just think about the bright side of what you're doing. If that fails, at least you've done it, it's all over, unless if the event is really important to you. And if stress is on high levels, clear your mind, think about what you're stressed at, evaluate it, and make a concluding solution to the problem associated with it.

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