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Composite decking 3D! Reward $1
Created by jogncartman, 26 days ago, 150 views

Trying to make a 3D composite decking image, to know how it should look my outside deck. But I have a little problem, and my PC doesn't want to save the image, but I need to send it to the designer. Me and my wife wanted to design our composite decking by ourselves.
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InnaVavilova24 days ago

Wow, such a nice idea to design your own composite decking. I have simple wooden floor in my house, and am thinking about changing it on something else. Please share some pictures after installing it and tell us what you think about it, I mean are there more advantages or disatvantages in composite decking. Thank you in advance! And what about your image, if you use MATLAB then just click save and save it as a matfile. If it has to be readable from another program (or someone without MATLAB) use fopen/fwrite.

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Spenser77724 days ago

I have composite decking in the house and I am so grateful. It cleans so easily, all the spots disapear without using any chemical washers, I know how it can be difficult because I had earlier wooden floor and to tell you the truth it was terrible, if you leave the spot on the kitchen floor without cleaning it up, then be ready to wash it like a mad man cause it absorbes... Well I can speak about the disadvantages of a wooden floor timeless (scratches etc.). So I choose plastic decking boards, composite decking in other words . I finally got rid of all the problems)) Good luck!

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