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How to Split large PDF files into multiple files? Reward $1
Created by Sofia_watson, 42 days ago, 290 views

Hi everyone, I have a large-sized PDF file (132 pages). I want to make a separate PDF file for the only page no. 65 to 89. But I don't know how to split PDF files according to pages. Can anyone tell me the solution how can I divide PDF documents into another one?
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jennifer012342 days ago

Hello, if you are facing a problem in splitting large-sized PDF files into smaller one then you are suggested to try PDF Split & Merge Tool. From my personal experience, I found this tool very beneficial in splitting the big-sized PDF files. This PDF Split & Merge Tool provides an option for the user to divide PDF file by page, or Range, or divide by even pages or by odd pages. It creates a separate file for PDF documents according to the selected option. For more information please refer this URL:

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MAKEROFMONY242 days ago

see this :

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Romantic1228 days ago

This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. the impossible quiz

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