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Rewards not payed Reward $15
Created by maren, 108 days ago, 163 views

It's very interesting situation.
First, I did'n get rewards from my euask points into USD

After getting rewards into USD and transfer it to paypal acc it dissaperaed.
On pp acc this never come, and on site it's look like completed.
It looks like someone here is thief, but it's not me.
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WiseCleaner_admin107 days ago

Start from you submit a request, we will check your account and send the rewards during 14 working days.
Thanks for your understanding.

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maren106 days ago

How you mean submit a request?

When I try to send money to paypal acc its looks like complete, but nothnig happened after more than weeks.

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maren103 days ago

And still nothing....

Where is my reward?

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maren102 days ago

You sent it to wrong e mail!!!

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maren102 days ago

I got information on mail which is not asociated with paypal that I have new funds!
You send it on wrong mail.
Go to paypal and use option ISSUE REFUND, got money back, and sent it on right mail (you can see history of payment before)

Also, paypal support say this:

"If the account the payment was sent to does not have a PayPal account, the funds will be sent back to the sender after 30 days. You can ask them to send the funds to you again as they will get the funds from the first transaction back after 30 days. If there is anything else I can help you with, please feel free to get back to me as I will be more than happy to help you out. Thank you."

So, you will get back money after 30 days. In meantime, send it on right mail. If you are not sure, contact me for additional information.

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maren94 days ago

I solved problem myself, and I hope that site will never make these mistakes again.

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Horald2286 days ago

I once had the same situation only on another site. I threatened them with a toronto criminal lawyer and they immediately figured out the situation and found my the money. Maybe you should do that too.

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maren85 days ago

Thanks, but I already solve this problem.
Only with paypal support via social networks.

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TheFreak85 days ago

it will get your paypal account just matter of time .

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