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Charging a powerbank for first time Reward $1
Created by programmer, 184 days ago, 1222 views

What is the Best way to charg a power bank for first time?
its ceyoon 50000mAh USB Type-C Power Bank
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Pele233146 days ago

I hope this answers help you
I charged my powerbank with this method
its really works great for me
I charge my laptop for 3 time and its still have some :)

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ha14183 days ago


Nowadays every battery system comes with over charge protection circuit which essentially protect your phone or powerbank battery from getting overcharged
You can charge your power bank via the charger that came with your phone, computer USB port or using other power bank.
Generally, a properly maintained power bank can retain up to 80-90% of its original capacity at 400-500 charge and discharge cycle (charge then discharge = 1 cycle, regardless of whether you charge/ discharge it partially or fully). Until your power bank no longer holds sufficient charge to meet your needs, you may choose to purchase a new one.

How to charge power bank for the first time?

How To Use Your Power Bank For The First Time

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principiante183 days ago

@programmer Rispondi 1
ha14 16 ore 59 minuti fa

@ Programmatore

Al giorno d'oggi tutti i sistemi di batteria viene fornito con oltre circuito di protezione della carica che essenzialmente proteggere il telefono cellulare o la batteria del powerbank di ottenere sovraccarica

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ChessKing183 days ago

In fact, the power Bank is an ordinary battery, the optimal charging conditions for it are the same.The charger should preferably be transformer and not pulse. So You will achieve a longer battery life after charging. Second charging, it is desirable to produce not very fast, not very high current.For your model, the optimal charging current is 500mA. In this case, the charging time will be 12 hours( 20 percent need to take into account energy losses), which is convenient at night. You can take current and less. but then the duration of charging increases proportionally. Third, it is desirable to start charging with almost zero charge( a few percent) and not with 10 percent or more.And fourth, it is desirable not to interrupt the charging and wait for a full charge and only then operate the battery. Sometimes help. Turn off and turn on the charger for a small precharge.

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Romantic12120 days ago

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