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Reprogramming the laptop battery. Reward $3
Created by ChessKing, 32 days ago, 100 views

Why do they do this reprogramming? How to do? When repairing the battery, can I replace the laptop battery without reprogramming it?
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milas858531 days ago

I hope this site helps you out

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programmer30 days ago

Laptops use so-called "smart batteries", meaning that the battery pack has built in charger that (a) charges each parallel cell group to their manufacturer's specifications (terminal voltage and max charging current), and (b) balances the charge between groups connected in series.

When you measured 14.8 (3.7V times 4) on a freshly charged battery (I presume), it means that the charger in your re-used pack was charging the new cells to 3.7V. Most recent 18650 cells usually have termination voltage at 4.2V, so if you charge then only to to 3.7V, their capacity will be severely handicapped. So, you need to check charging specifications for your new cells first. However, it will be highly unlikely that you can reprogram the built-in charger to new 4.2V level.

The second effect could be due to the battery configuration having two cells in parallel, 4S2P. Manufacturers of good laptop batteries use careful binning technique to closely match the cells that will go in parallel. If discharge curves and/or internal impedances are not matched, the pair of parallel cells will receive suboptimal charge, and will have stronger self-discharge, so the overall battery capacity will be further reduced.

Because of the above considerations, an attempt to repair/replace bad cells in laptop battery packs in DIY environment has usually a limited success.

Maybe this videos helps you to reset your laptop battery


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