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Extend laptop SSD memory Reward $1
Created by kb9612, 127 days ago, 666 views

I just want to extend my laptop SSD memory
it's 128GB now and i wanna a 500-750 GB memory
my laptop is Asus n551vw
what is the best one to extend ssd?
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milas8585124 days ago

this site have a lot of good information about your laptop like memory slots , ssd size and,...
you can find the best mark for SSd in this site

and now you can upgrade ur laptop by ur own

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ChessKing126 days ago

Solid state drive instead of hard drive

The magnetic hard drive plays the role of a "tube", which slows down the operation of the whole system, so possibly replace it with a solid state drive. SSD-drive, which costs from $ 100 (120 GB model), is the best way to achieve a smoother and faster performance.

If you stop your choice on the model of the 840 Evo from Samsung, then transferring the operating system and will not cause you trouble because of proprietary Data Migration utility and USB adapter included.

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ha14126 days ago


check this

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kb9612123 days ago

wow tnx

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AlexJuvion65 days ago

Actually found lots of useful information from this video regarding upgrade laptop. Thanks.

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jacoboram55061 days ago

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