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What will a typical personal finance mobile app development cost for Android? Reward $3
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What will a typical personal finance mobile app development cost for Android?
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chakramed187 days ago


A mobile application development has different stages which should be first estimated for efforts and then apply the resource rates, direct and indirect variable costs, Hosting costs, maintenance costs etc to arrive at the final figure.

The different stages with focus points should be the following

Gather the requirements
Analyse the users and roles you might have. In this case, we can observe that they are
Consumers - who will use the app
3rd Party vendors - who will enlist the products. They can have a different schema within the app itself or they will be provided a portal access.
Application Administrator
Delegated app administrators with limited access
Brainstorming and wireframing
Create SRS
Create Project Execution Plan
User Design
Application Design
Knowledge Transfer or Training ( if needed )
Coding & Unit Testing
Special care should be taken for device testing and UI testing
Network variability testing etc.
Integration testing with all user roles , APIs and portal.
Beta support
Go-Live Support
Many a times, a mobile application development fails due to improper planning and analysis. The cost for development of the applications will depend on the resource rates etc. You need to take a holistic view of multiple components and various resources to estimate the best cost. So, weigh out the options for in-house vs Outsourced model also.

Now questions come to mind

Who will develop ?

How much do I need to spend ?

Where to start ?

Why shall I build ? Is my project justified ?

When can I see the light of the day ?

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termezo187 days ago

It is not a question that is easy to answer. It comes down to several factors like how much effort you put in at every stage of the creation process. For example, the developments phase, the platform you decided to go with, how much effort you put into designing the application and eventually how much money you will spend to get your application to the public. All these factors should be put together when coming up with the price. I think you should contact developers wich have experience in this direction and get consultations. Check this link for more ingo.

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marksingh185 days ago

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marksingh135171 days ago

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theappideas126 days ago

The App Ideas is best Mobile App Development Company India.

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mason4116 days ago

I can say you that the best platform I saw was this Revain platform because it is based on cryptocurrencies and shows a fair feedback from the users

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AlexMirglan79 days ago

I dealt with IT-firm that created for me great mobile app and even did better than my idea - Also they have tool, that estimate project cost -

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LowerLevel67 days ago

Suppose it comes down to a lot of different factors but my safe bet is to contact a android development company like so they can guide you through the process and tell you the estimated prices.

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dianaadamsss154 days ago

Mobile banking application development allows the industry to increase efficiency in operations, reduce bureaucracy, and enhance customer experience while promoting banking services. It will be a reliable investment in the future.

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