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Is google now focusing to get users to their platform such as Youtube? Reward $1
Created by tech4uonline, 197 days ago, 218 views

As we search online on google, now we see many types of search results such as Link results, videos, and apps and news all the results going to google platform such as youtube, Google play, Google news.
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ChessKing197 days ago

On the first positions in YouTube are not those videos that are located in the top of Google. For example, in Google search for "12 angry men" in positions 9, 14 and 15 were found videos from YouTube. It can be assumed that this is the first, second and third videos in YouTube, but it is not.
In fact, the procedure for the issuance of reverse looks. We have seen a similar picture from other results. So I decided to analyze the importance of other factors affecting rankings on YouTube and Google, including the number of views and the number of links to each search engine.

The difference between algorithms and video ranking in YouTube and Google
Of the 424 requests, 336 gave only one video from YouTube in the top 100 Google results, and the remaining 88 – more than one. The largest number of videos in the issuance of all requests – five.

Google is biased to the location of the clips from YouTube are in the top ten results. Thus, 74.9% of all YouTube videos that are present in the example were in the top ten, and 92.6% – in the top twenty. This shows that for Google queries, about 75% of YouTube videos are in the top 10.

Accurate analysis of the effectiveness and the desired result
Business promotion via YouTube channel with Semantics
Notice how often a YouTube video in Google's top is the top 1 on YouTube:

More than half of the requests (55.2%) were ranked in the first positions in Google, but did not occupy the first lines on YouTube. This is a very significant difference in the overall ranking for the two search engines.

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minion89193 days ago

I'm very happy when I found your blog, I actually found you by mistake, while I'm watching on google about something else, I'm here anyway and might want to say thank you Thanks for a great article you shared!

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MayRich97 days ago

I am sure that youtube has already got enough users. Personally, I am a youtube user and now I started to make videos for it and to be honest, I hope to get many subscribers there because I do good content. At first, I will buy views on and then will buy advertisement.

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