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What is the best trading platform for new Reward $1
Created by a454545, 83 days ago, 212 views

I want to get into trading and be a trader
how I can start?
which way?
what kind of platform?
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programmer78 days ago

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milas858583 days ago

this is for beginners

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ChessKing83 days ago

Best trading platforms for trading: Overview

Here in each section stock trading has its own leaders.

1. Investment activity in the of the stock market:

Program Alfa-Direkt: development professionals in the same Bank;
QUIK: the oldest, time-tested and experience of use, and therefore the most popular domestic software development.
2. TOP trading platforms on international stock markets:

Zerich Trader Workstation: provides easy access to major us exchanges – NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX; provides access to futures trading segments.
3. The most popular Forex platforms:

Metatrader 5: the most common software concept for trading on the international currency market – Forex;
Libertex: a program that is recommended for beginners until a sufficient level of experience is gained. However, professionals also often use it;
IFX Trader: a kind of "Metatrader", where the Deposit is reduced, the financial leverage is increased by an order of magnitude and the gold trading position is added.
4. Futures segment of organized trading:

CQG Trader: this software terminal is chosen exclusively by professional, experienced traders. Access to American platforms CME, ICE, NYMEX, CBOT is provided.
We will tell you about the features of each of these software systems.

The program provides placement of buy/sell orders on the resources of Russian stock exchanges: shares, bonds, futures, shares and other financial instruments.
Support operations, margin lending, short selling and unsecured buying.
Support of REPO transactions.
Support of brokerage accounts.
There is a version of the software application for smartphones.
Possibility of demo trading.
You can design the interface yourself, namely: adjust the number of screens on the page; choose analytical charts; display the necessary trading tools.
Orders can be formed directly from the chart; of course, there is a classic "glass".
QUIK software is compatible with almost all analytical programs of technical analysis.
Export of data is done using DDE (MS Excel) and ODBC.
With the help of "QUIK" it is possible to form orders on several accounts at once.
"QUIK" provides an opportunity to exchange text messages with other users and moderators of the system.
Zerich Trader Workstation
In its functional essence, the program is not much different from the functionality of the same "QUIK". Just the specifics of the markets to which access is provided, mainly American: NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX.

Metatrader 5
There are "glasses" of prices for each of the trading segments: spot or futures. In addition, there are 4 modes of order execution: Market, Request, Exchange, Instant.
Total system has the 38th technical indicators; 21-them timeframe; 17 styles of displaying Custom Indicators. And most importantly, what should not be forgotten – 4 zoom modes!
Auto trading (robot, developed with the help of the MQL5 language).
It provides for the possibility of trading currency, energy, stocks, index instruments.
A distinctive feature of the platform is user simplicity and versatility.
It is possible to use financial leverage.
The personal account can be accessed even from your smartphone (and trade, of course, too).
IFX Trader
The platform provides the opportunity to work with 107 currency tools clean.
There are 34 types of CFDs on shares of us issuers.
The minimum Deposit is $1 (!!!), and the leverage is 1:1000.
Instant transactions; instant Deposit/withdrawal of funds from the platforms.
Promotions with prizes up to $50 thousand.
24/7 support.
CQG Trader
There is a full range of charts and indicators (technical analysis tools).
Possibility of aggregation with the system of your own trading robots.
Direct connection to international platforms CME, CBOT, NYMEX, ICE, EUREX.
Multilingual interface.
Naturally, all systems share such features as instant transfer of orders to the site; recalculation of margin account balances; availability of technical support with the possibility of consultations.

Choosing the right and in your opinion the best platform for trading should be based on its advancement, that is, from how it is comfortable for you and whether it is too difficult. So, if you are just a beginner, the professional platform will be a burden to you and, most likely, will not give any advantages. Here it is necessary to "take the burden on their own", that is, from their own experience.

You can further consider the platforms that work with binary options, which can also make good money!

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Ginny12332161 days ago

i do not know(((

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AlexBMW23 days ago

What exactly are you going to trade? If you are interested in cryptocurrency, I can recommend to check a list of cryptocurrency tradng tools on They are very important while trading or investing. personally I find them to be very useful. Hopefully, you will also like them!

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