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PowerPoint does not open ppt file Reward $2
Created by Yaremda, 46 days ago, 134 views

PowerPoint does not open ppt file.
What is the problem?
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Pele23334 days ago

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FoggyLight46 days ago

Does it give any error code? Do you mind sending the file so I can try to see what's going on?

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Ogsadoo42 days ago

To fix this problem, you need to change the underlying format of the PowerPoint 95 file: Open the file in PowerPoint 2003, 2002, 2000, or 97. ... Use Save As, because the file must be saved in a different format.) In the Save as type box, choose Presentation (*.ppt).

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ChessKing42 days ago

If the program flatly refuses to open it, gives errors and so on. You need to understand.The reasons for the failure of

First, you should consider the list of reasons for the failure of the document to prevent subsequent relapses.

Error when extracting
The most common cause of document failure. Usually occurs if the presentation was edited on a flash drive, which is in the process or was disconnected from the computer, or just moved away from the contact. However, the document was not saved and closed properly. Very often the file is broken.

Carrier failure
The similar reason, only with the document everything was normal, but the device carrier failed. Many files may be lost, inaccessible, or broken, depending on the nature of the problem. Repair stick rarely allows you to return the document to life.

The virus
There is a wide range of malware that targets certain types of files. Often these are simply MS Office documents. And such viruses can cause global damage and malfunction of files. If the user is lucky, and the virus only blocks the normal operation of the documents, after healing the computer, they can earn.

System error
No one is immune from the banal failure of the process of running PowerPoint, or something else. This is especially true for owners of pirated operating system and MS Office package. Be that as it may, in the practice of each PC user there is an experience of such problems.

Specific problem
There are a number of other conditions under which a PPT file may be damaged or unavailable. As a rule, these are specific problems that occur so rarely that they relate to almost isolated cases.

One example is the failure of processing media files inserted into a presentation from an online resource. As a result, when you start viewing the document, everything just snapped, the computer froze, and after restarting the presentation stopped running. According to the analysis of experts from Microsoft, the reason was the use of overly complex and incorrectly formed links to images on the Internet, which was supplemented by the incorrect functioning of the resource itself.

As a result, it all comes down to one thing – the document either does not open in PowerPoint, or gives an error.

Document recovery
Fortunately, there is specialized SOFTWARE to bring the presentation back to life. Consider the most popular of all possible list.

The name of this program is PowerPoint Repair Toolbox. This SOFTWARE is designed to decrypt the content code of the damaged presentation. You can also apply to a fully functional presentation.
The main disadvantage is that this program is not a magic wand that will just bring the presentation back to life. PowerPoint Repair Toolbox will simply decrypt the document content data and provide the user for further editing and distribution.

What the system is able to return to the user:

Restored main body of the presentation with the original number of slides;
Design elements used for decoration;
Text information;
Created objects (shapes);
Inserted media files (not always and not all, as usually they suffer from damage in the first place).
As a result, the user will be able to simply re-compose the data and Supplement them if necessary. When working with a large and complex presentation, this can save a lot of time. If the demonstration contained 3-5 slides, it is easier to do everything again yourself.

The use of PowerPoint Repair Toolbox
Now it is necessary to consider in detail the process of restoring a damaged presentation. Previously, it is necessary to say that the full version of the program is required for full operation – the basic free demo version has significant limitations: no more than 5 media files, 3 slides and 1 chart are restored. The restrictions apply only to this content, the functionality and the procedure itself are not changed.

When starting, you need to specify the path to the damaged and broken presentation, and then click "Next".
The beginning of recovery-PowerPoint Repair Toolbox

The program will analyze the presentation and analyze it in pieces, after which you will need to click on the "Submit" button to go into data editing mode.
Send a presentation to work

The document will be restored. Initially, the system will try to recreate the main body of the presentation – the initial number of slides, the text on them, the inserted media files.
Restoration example of a slide

Some images and video sequences will not be available in the main presentation. If they survived, the system will create and open a folder where all additional information is stored. From here you can again make their placement.
As you can see, the program does not restore the design, but it is able to compensate for almost all used in decorating files, including background images. If this is not a critical issue, you can choose a new design. Also, it's not terrible in a situation where the built-in theme was originally used.
After manual recovery, you can save the document in the usual way and close the program.
If the document was massive and contained a significant amount of information, this method is indispensable and makes it convenient to resurrect the damaged file.

It is worth Recalling once again that the success of the recovery depends on the degree of damage to the source. If the loss of data was significant, even the program will not help. So it is best to observe the basic safety-it will help to save energy, time and nerves in the future.

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