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How fix this problem???? Reward $1
Created by Zlatane735, 295 days ago, 1452 views

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Boraki285 days ago

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FoggyLight295 days ago

Refer to this website:
The problem could also be caused by your power cord not providing enough power to the computer.

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ha14293 days ago


it depends on the problem
open control panel then click on Security and Maintenanced then on Maintenance and check Problem reports if there are any?

open control panel then click on Security and Maintenanced then Maintenance then start Maintenance it can solve some problems

check winodows updates if there are any the apply

try sfc /scannow
open cmd under administrative righte
type sfc /scannow and hit enter

update your graphic card driver

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MAKEROFMONY2292 days ago

Read this :
or :

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thegentlehut292 days ago

Oh man! this is a common problem in windows. I have a great blog where you may have a solution to it. Feel free to check

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kaioo5191287 days ago

Fix with help this video:

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chakramed271 days ago

hi , let me know if the problem come :
1- whene you entred new device ?
2- whene you installed new driver update ?
3- something else ?

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pandorahelp195 days ago

I like your article its a interesting and it attract other peoples to read this article.Thanks you so much

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remobravo9876139 days ago

Please refer this website or you can install this software and clean your computer

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maximilianmaximilian135 days ago

It seems to me or is it an eternal problem?

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luc4luch129 days ago

вам не кажется, вечная проблема всего народа

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alexamia107 days ago

It's because of the ram problem you should have to troubleshoot the problem properly. Clean ram and again fit into the board properly and sometimes it's a cause of turnoff the PC properly that's why causing that issue.

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johnsmith12395 days ago

It looks like window problem. You should update your window or reinstall it. But if you want more info about dissertations visit my site

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Schulte95 days ago

Thanks for giving the information and it is a good sit. i have read your blog it is very useful thanks !!! GOD BLESS U!!! click here

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shreeram122277 days ago

check these steps

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JulJameson61 days ago

I think this is not repaired, but simply reinstalled Windows on: from the hard drive

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cristian_rosicky17 days ago

You should reinstall your operating system :)) it's only way


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