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Created by Zaza1991, 401 days ago, 524 views

I want to increase the quality of video.

What tool would I use?
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Pele233399 days ago

Use this tool

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pustoi11395 days ago

Virtually any video editor allows you to improve video quality. However, to really improve the quality of the video, with poor source material is impossible. It all comes down to balancing color and contrast. I use "AVS Video Editor"

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jake2394 days ago

There are various tools available on the Internet.

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chakramed368 days ago


◘ Upscale Resolution to Increase Video Quality

•Step 1. Add Low Quality Video Files

On you Win/Mac PC, launch FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate. Click "Add files" to add video files. If you need to add videos from DVD, click Load Disc. Most video formats are supported by the program.

•Step 2. Upscale Resolution

Click "Video Enhance" to enter the video enhancing interface. Tick "Upscale resolution" and then click "Apply" on the bottom. If you have added multiple video files, you can also select "Apply to All" to upscale video resolution in bulk.

Optional Steps to Improve Video Quality:

If the video is too dark, tick "Optimize brightness and contrast" to brighten up the video.

If the video is blurry or shaky, choose "Remove video noise" or "Reduce video shaking" before clicking Apply.

Click "Effect", you can then adjust brightness, contrast, hue and saturation of the video to make the video quality better.

If you have videos shot by interlaced video cameras and need to view the interlaced videos on PC or mobile device, tick Deinterlacing, which can significantly upgrade the quality of a video.

•Step 3. Convert Video to Higher Resolution

After upscaling the video resolution, the program will automatically set output format to a suitable one. If you want to further increase the video resolution, click Profile and select HD or 4K formats to convert the SD video to HD or 4K quality.

•Step 4. Output Enhanced Video to PC

Choose the "Convert" button on the bottom right corner. The program will then begin to upscale video resolution and convert it to the format you have chosen. Wait till the enhancement to complete. Then you can enjoy a high-resolution video on the program if you like.

•What Else Can Video Converter Ultimate Do?

Other than video quality enhancer, FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate is also a video converter program. Besides converting normal video to HD or even 4K video, the video converter can also convert the video into the formats that certain devices support. For example, with the help of this video converter, you can play MKV on PS3, open SWF files without opening the internet browser, convert video to GIF. The method is simple.

If you find this program helpful, download the free version on your Mac or Win PC right now.


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