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Forget the password windows Reward $115
Created by Izeli1865, 400 days ago, 664 views

I forgot Windows password. Can I open it without clearing the data?
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Yaremda397 days ago

With the help of this video, you may be able to solve your problem:

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ChessKing400 days ago

To reset the password or change it in the Windows system is easy — students had filmed their video a zillion how to do it.

Advanced students use the PRO version of ElcomSoft System Recovery, which "for half a minute to crack the password" (in fact, looking at the dictionary of the most popular passwords, compares them with previously calculated hashes and if the student has set a password something like "1", "1111", "123", "admin", "password", the program displays it).

Advanced users shoot video how to reset password using Kali Linux. Moreover, Kali Linux is used for 1) mounting a disk with Windows, 2) renaming a single file to run the command line... I think in their spare time, these people prick nuts with iPhones.

I'm actually joking. In 99.99% of cases, this is exactly what you need — to reset the password of a schoolboy or accountant, who for some reason put it and safely forgot it.

If that's what you need, boot from any Live disc (it could be Linux – anything). In the C:WindowsSystem32 directory, rename the cmd file.exe to sethc.exe or OSK.exe. It is clear that you need to make a backup of the file sethc.exe (or osk.exe) and cmd file.exe copy with new name assignment.

If you renamed the file to sethc.exe, the next time you boot Windows, when you are asked for a password, press five times the SHIFT button, and if OSK.exe, then call the on-screen keyboard. In both cases, you will open a command prompt (cmd.exe) in which you need to type:

net user username *

That is, if the user name is admin, then you need to type:

net user admin *

Learn Windows password using Kali Linux
Theory: where does Windows store its passwords?
Windows places the passwords in the SAM registry file (System Account Management) (system management accounts). With the exception of those cases when you use Active Directoryis. Active Directoryis is a separate authentication system that places passwords in an LDAP database. The SAM file lies in C:System32config (C:sys32config).

The SAM file stores passwords as hashes, using the LM and NTLM hashes to add security to the protected file.

Hence, an important note: obtaining a password is a probabilistic character. If you manage to decrypt the hash — the password is ours, and if not — then no…

The SAM file cannot be moved or copied when Windows is running. The SAM file can be dumped (dump obtained), the password hashes obtained from it can be subject to brute-forcing for offline hacking. A hacker can also get a SAM file by booting from another OS and mounting C:. You can boot from a Linux distribution, such as Kali, or boot from a Live disc.

One common place to look for a SAM file is C:repair. By default, a backup of the SAM file is created and usually it is not deleted by the system administrator. The backup of this file is not protected, but compressed, which means you need to unzip it to get the file with hashes. You can use the expand utility to do this. The command is: Expand [FILE] [DESTINATION]. Here is an example of the disclosure of the SAM file to a file with the name uncompressedSAM.

C:> expand SAM uncompressedSAM

In order to improve security from offline hacking, Microsoft Windows 2000 and later versions include a SYSKEY utility. The SYSKEY utility encrypts hashed passwords in the SAM file using a 128-bit encryption key that is different for each Windows installation.

An attacker with physical access to Windows can obtain a SYSKEY (also called a boot key) using the following steps:
Boot from another OS (e.g. Kali).

To steal the SAM and SYSTEM HIVI (C:System32config (C:sys32config)).
Restore boot key from system highways using bkreg or bkhive.
To dump the password hashes.
Hack them off-plan using a tool such as John the Ripper.
Another important point. Every time you access files on Windows, your MAC (modification, access, and modification) changes, which guarantees your presence. To avoid leaving forensic evidence, it is recommended to copy the target system (make a disk image) before launching attacks.

Mount Windows
There are tools available to capture Windows SAM files and the SYSKEY key file. One method of capturing these files is to mount the target Windows system so that other tools have access to these files while Microsoft Windows is not running.

The first step is to use the fdisk -l command to identify your partitions. You must identify Windows and the partition type. The fdisk output shows the NTFS partition, for example:

Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System

/dev/hdb1* 1 2432 19535008+ 86 NTFS

/dev/hdb2 2433 2554 979965 82 Linux swap/Solaris

/dev/hdb3 2555 6202 29302560 83 Linux

Create a mount point using the following command mkdir /mnt/windows.

Mount the Windows system partition using the command as shown in the following example:

mount -t /mnt/windows


Now that the target Windows system is mounted, you can copy the SAM and SYSTEM files to your directory to attack with the following command:

cp SAM SYSTEM /pentest/passwords/AttackDirectory

Tools are available to dump the SAM file. PwDumpand Cain, Abel, and samdump are just a few examples.

Note that you need to recover both the boot key and SAM files. The boot key file is used to access the SAM file. The tools used to access the SAM file will require a boot key file.

bkreg and bkhiveare are popular tools to help you get a bootloader file

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Karis7397 days ago

I'll give you everything possible to try for Windows password forgotten issue so that at least something will work:

First see the various troubleshooting steps here:

Or break into your account using sticky keys exploit:

Third-party password reset/recovery tools:

I hope this helps.

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GoodInfluence393 days ago

Whether or not you can recover the passwords depends on a few things. Do you have this password saved and protected by a password manager? Is the password manager's vault accessible from another computer or online? Do you have a Microsoft account? Have you set up security questions? Needless to say, the more password recovery options you've got, the better. You might try to recover the Windows password using the methods in the article:

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Isaze393 days ago

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cheapflightinfo390 days ago

Its very complicated issues but according to Assistotalk this is minor problem, they will help to reset window password without clearing the files and data. So I will suggest you to get contact with Assistotalk technical department, for contact they dial 1-855-791-4041 toll free number or for more information they can also visit at

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hillaryrocha313 days ago

You can reset your windows password with the help of some software. or you can reset your password via Bios setting. or you can visit

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MiaBee312 days ago

You article and article picture make me motivated to write a lot . its really wonderful and inspires me to finish my review on

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