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Created by Izeli1865, 30 days ago, 104 views

I hear a bad sound from my laptop hard drive. Is there a software problem?
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kaioo519128 days ago

If you hear sound during file transfer, it is normal.

But if the sound is permanent, you definitely need to change it.

I suggest that you use hard disk health testing software to make sure

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ChessKing29 days ago

The noise level of the hard drive depends on many factors: the speed of its operation, the age and condition, the materials of the body and the build quality, as well as some others. Accordingly, there are software and hardware ways to reduce the noise level of the hard disk during operation. A HARDWARE device to REDUCE NOISE of HARD DISK WHEN WORKING Normally, the older the hard drive, the more it starts to make noise. This is due to the wear of its elements, and a strong crack from the drive indicates its imminent failure. However, if you still don't have a replacement hard drive, you might want to run a vibration in the housing of the computer. There are two options how to do it: Buy and install a special cooler for your hard drive. This allows you to solve two problems at once – overheating and high noise. HDD cooler is a small case with radiators for cooling. This solution is suitable if the hard disk has problems not only with high noise during operation, but also with overheating; Beat the hard disk mount with sound-proof material. A much more budget-friendly solution to the problem. All that is required is foam, which is necessary to beat the place of attachment of the hard drive, often to reduce the noise level simply put a piece of foam under the drive, not even fixing. The disadvantage of this option is that if there are problems with overheating the hard disk, there is a high risk of its failure. Another solution to the problem with the noisy operation of computer components is to replace the housing with an option that has good sound insulation. HOW to PROGRAMMATICALLY REDUCE the NOISE of the HARD DRIVE AT WORK If your hard disk is bursting, buzzing or knocking badly at work, you can try to fix software. As mentioned above, when the hard drive inside it moving mechanical heads that are looking for information on magnetic disks. Accordingly, to reduce the noise from their movement in two ways: to Reduce the distance that they need to overcome to get to the desired partition with the disk and request information from it. This can be done by defragmenting the disk. This procedure orders the clusters from the information to minimize the distance between them. Disk defragmentation can be performed both by means of the system and by third-party applications; Reduce the speed of movement of mechanical heads, thereby reducing the noise from their movement. Drives connected to the motherboard via ATA and SATA interfaces can be adjusted using the noise level variation tool, which is abbreviated as AAM. By default, this option is disabled in the system, and to enable it you will need to download from the Internet a free program WinAAM (or similar). When the application is loaded, do the following: Run it, the program does not require installation on the hard drive; Then click "Continue" in the window that opens; In the next window you will see a message that the AAM function is currently disabled in the system. To enable it, click "Quiet/standard"; Then the application will make the necessary changes to the system settings and automatically closes. If necessary, you can run the program again and put a loud mode of the hard disk or check the speed at which the head moves around the drive. Important: Please note that reducing the noise level of the hard drive involves reducing the speed of movement of the head, respectively, reducing the speed of the drive. However, in normal user tasks such a decrease is almost invisible.

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