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Created by Yaremda, 400 days ago, 478 views

I cant upload video to Instagram. I have internet but can't send video. Why?
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Abolfazltarrah398 days ago

1. Clear Instagram cache memory
2. Install vpn and use it

I hope your problem will be solved

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Wobr_Bobr152 days ago

It can be a bug. Just wait for the future update

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69Wow152 days ago

It's definitely a malfunction. I don't think that it's a regional restriction because it applies to Instagram music and that's it (am I right?). I had the same issue and I suffer from it significantly because I promote with my profile. I buy here followers, I use the platform's recommendation tools, and so on. Ad such bugs prevent me from work!

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MayRich139 days ago

Okay, videos are still popular on Instagram but tiktok is more suitable platform for short videos. If you are filming videos, you'd better create an account there. Next you can buy viewers on and get some popularity

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MarinaMoragan8887 days ago

If you need to increase the activity of the account you can use professional SMS service. It helped me hope you too

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