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What is the best way to monitor working system performance? Reward $1
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What is the best way to monitor working system performance?
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ChessKing453 days ago

Labor productivity — productivity, productivity of production activities of people, i.e. the ability of a particular labor to create a unit of working time a certain amount of production.

Performance management includes the following processes:

• performance measurement and evaluation;

• planning for monitoring and improving productivity based on information from the measurement and evaluation process;

• implementation of control and productivity measures;

• measuring and assessing the impact of these measures.

As an example, to clarify the terms used in the management of productivity, can be the use of time cards (time as a sign) to measure the cost of labor (cost variable) for various work (process or transformation). These works can be measured in terms of quality, timeliness, etc. (these are all signs). The work results in products (variable products), which in turn can be measured in terms of quantity, quality, timeliness and total costs.

Forms of performance control are closely related to the methods of its measurement. Productivity measurement is the selection of physical, time and other indicators to estimate costs and final products and the calculation of the quantitative relationship between them.

The components of calculation and productivity improvement, as well as planning, are feedback elements. Feedback is used at least twice in the performance management process. First, as a result of the evaluation of the measurement system, the system itself can be modified — perhaps the measurements are made incorrectly or the composition of the indicators is unsatisfactory. Second, evaluation of the measurement system can stimulate performance planning. In other words, the results of the evaluation can encourage management to anticipate and implement productivity improvements.

There are two main groups of performance meters
• statistical productivity factors. It is a product meter divided by a cost meter for a certain period of time;

• dynamic performance indexes. This is a statistical coefficient of productivity for a certain period divided by a similar coefficient for a certain previous period. A dimensionless coefficient characterizing the dynamics of productivity is obtained.

Within each group, there are three types of performance meters. Each of the meters characterizes the ratio of production to costs, but they differ in how many cost elements are taken into account:

1) private factor — one cost element (labor, materials, etc.));

2) multi-factor meter — takes into account several cost elements;

3) total factor — all cost elements are taken into account.

Labor productivity is measured by three methods: 1) cost, 2) natural, 3) normative.

The most common cost method in which the number of products is taken into account at the estimated cost or contract price. The level of labor productivity is characterized by the estimated cost of work per worker.

The natural method of labor productivity allows to determine the production of workers by professions in physical terms by type of work (in cubic meters of brickwork) or in General in units of the final product per worker (in kilometers of the pipeline). By types of work the natural indicator (production of the worker in natural indicators) can be defined as the ratio of volume of the separate type of work in natural measurement (in cubic meters , kilometers) to number of workers on this type of work.

Natural production is the most objective and reliable indicator of labor productivity. Indicators of production in natural meters allow you to determine and compare the productivity of individual workers, plan their number, professional and qualification composition.

Normative method of measuring labor productivity shows the ratio of actual labor costs for a certain amount of work with labor costs, relying on the norm. The normative indicator is the ratio of the labor intensity of work according to the norm (man-days) to the actual labor intensity of work (man-days). The indicator of labor intensity is not affected by extraneous factors for each particular process, so the actual labor intensity of the work more correctly characterizes the level and dynamics of labor productivity than the indicator of cost production.

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Cezario453 days ago

It is really vital to manage your business correctly and effectively. And some apps can be very useful for this purpose surely. I can also recommend you to try out the employee monitoring software from I guess, it is a very useful thing for any business owner!

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Elenajon123452 days ago

Give feedback as often as possible. Do not rely on yearly performance reviews alone. Keep employees motivated by letting them know how they are doing on a regular basis. Provide immediate feedback on critical incidents – deal with problems as soon as they arise. End the feedback with a helpful link. Do not leave the employee wondering about what he should do next. For instance, if your feedback informed an employee of his negative behavior toward a work issue, end the feedback by providing him with positive steps he can take to improve his work attitude. this strategy is very useful and law writing service is also follow the same strategy.

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mikerock11448 days ago

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nicki1991257 days ago

I would send this link to my accounting manager to consider this information. We had really bad issues with employees performance, the main reason was that they cheated time cards, we got really sick of that so last month we installed bio-metrical attendance system, it's impossible to cheat now. As expected, some employees did left, but the overall performance raised and we save on payroll now.
You can learn how it works here -

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leena5215 days ago

yes a good monitor makes easy to use video calls as well

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