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Insufficient system resources to complete the service ... Reward $1
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Insufficient system resources to complete the service ...
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ChessKing10 days ago

If the error appears immediately when you start a program or game (especially of dubious origin) — it may be in your antivirus, which blocks the execution of this program. If you are sure that it is safe — add it to antivirus exceptions or temporarily disable it.
If you have a paging file disabled on your computer (even if you have a lot of RAM installed) or if you have a low disk space (2-3 GB = low) on the system partition, this may cause an error. Try to include a paging file and use the system-automatically-defined paging file size to ensure that there is enough free space.)
In some cases, the reason is really the lack of computer resources for the program (check the minimum system requirements, especially if it's a game like PUBG) or that they are busy with other background processes (here you can check the launch of the same program in the clean boot mode of Windows 10, and if there is no error — to start Sometimes it may be that in General there are enough resources for the program, but for some heavy operations — no (it happens when working with large tables in Excel).
Also, if you see a constant high use of computer resources in task Manager, even without running programs-try to identify the processes that load the computer, and at the same time to check for viruses and malware, see how to check Windows processes for viruses, malware removal Tools.

Additional error correction methods
If none of the methods above helped and did not come to your specific situation — further more complex options.

32-bit Windows
There is another frequent factor causing the error "Insufficient system resources to complete the operation" in Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 — the error may appear if your computer has the 32-bit (x86) version of the system installed. Cm. how to check 32-bit or 64-bit system is installed on the computer.

In this case, the program can run, even run, but sometimes terminate with the specified error, this is due to the size limitations of the virtual memory per process in 32-bit systems.

Solution one-install Windows 10 x64 instead of 32-bit version,

Change the settings paged pool memory in the registry editor
Another way to help with this error is to change the two registry settings that are responsible for working with the paged memory pool.

Press Win+R, type regedit and press Enter to start the registry editor.
Navigate to the registry key
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management
Memory management in the Windows registry
Double-click the PoolUsageMaximum setting (in the absence of the right click in the right pane of the registry to create a DWORD value and set the specified name), select the decimal radix and enter a value of 60. Changing the PoolUsageMaximum parameter
Change the value of the PagedPoolSize parameter to ffffffff
Close registry editor and restart the computer.
If that doesn't work, try again by changing PoolUsageMaximum to 40 and don't forget to restart your computer.

I hope one of the options will work in your case and will get rid of the error. If not-describe the situation in detail in the comments, maybe I can help.

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