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Use WhatsApp On My Computer Reward $1
Created by farhadgh, 71 days ago, 214 views

I wanna massage with watsapp in windows.
How do I use WhatsApp on my computer?
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Megahx71 days ago


Thank you for your question.

Certainly, you can use WhatsApp on your PC or laptop.

Here is the version you need to download:

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ChessKing71 days ago

Download the BlueStacks helper program from the official Website and install it on your computer. This Android emulator will not only help you get all the features of the phone version but also give you access to all the games and applications from Google Play.

With it you can download WhatsApp to your computer for free and do not pay for the use of the application on your phone. Everyone knows that on the iPhone and Android after the first year of use, access must be paid, but with the computer version is not necessary. In General the thing is very necessary for any user who wants to run mobile apps on computer.

WhatsApp for computer
After installation, you need to make simple settings, which the program will report itself. All you have to do is create or enter your Google account information, and then you will have access to wasap and other applications.

WhatsApp for computer
Our virtual phone is ready to use, let's put it on a Vatsap. If the computer already has the downloaded application in .apk format, then double-click on it with the mouse to install it in the emulator. Or Search for BlueMax enter WhatsApp,
As a result of the search will be an application icon, click on it. Opens the page Watsap from Google Play with a detailed description, screenshots and Install button, which you need to click.

The successful installation will be notified in the lower right corner of the desktop.

Open WhatsApp in the emulator and start working with the messenger on your computer.

When checking your phone number, you need to wait for the SMS check time to expire and select the voice check. The mobile phone will receive a call, which will inform the confirmation code. Enter it in the appropriate field. You in the Russian language is ready for further use.

Attention! If the program you can not change the language or there are other difficulties, write about them in the comments and we will solve any problem.

The possibility of application on a PC

With the installation we have figured out, let's look at the most necessary functions that are available in vatsap on your home computer:
all the features that were available on your phone are now on your Windows;
send messages to your friends for free;
transfer photos and videos in unlimited quantity;
receive calls and communicate with the world without limits without paying a cent
a large set of standard emoticons and emojis;
Easy installation and the ability to work without using a browser (unlike whatsapp web).
If you register a computer version on a different simcard, you will receive 2 independent from each other application. We advise you to do so!
Excellent communication quality and consumption of less traffic, compared to other messengers.
The biggest audience in the world! Every 5th person on earth installed this application. Now it is very easy to stay in touch even if there is no phone.
Requires additional ON - BlueMax or other emulator Android.
It is impossible to work simultaneously on the phone and on the PC, if the registration specified the same number.
As you can see the disadvantages are not so much, but the advantages are rife. With that wrote is by no means all.

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farhadff45561 days ago

thank you very much

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