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How to fix error 0xe06d7363 Reward $1
Created by MazShita, 457 days ago, 2342 views

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MAKEROFMONY2457 days ago

Read this:

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ChessKing457 days ago

This error 0xe06d7363 is common on all versions of the Windows operating system, starting with XP and ending with the latest updates to Windows 10. This problem occurs for a number of different reasons and most often POPs up during the launch of games or programs, as well as when they are in the process. Below I will tell you about some methods of error correction 0xe06d7363.

1. Setting up applications to run
In some cases, running a game or application as an administrator can help.

If you are using Windows 7, then try to click on the shortcut to start the application with the right mouse button, and then go to the Properties, where the Compatibility tab, select Windows 7 in the drop-down box. It is similar to do for other operating systems, but on Windows 10, you can safely choose the same Windows 7 or some other.
2. Rename a user using the Latin keyboard layout
Do not forget that the name of your Computer (User) can affect the launch. Rename the user using the English keyboard layout. If you have not created a user-to do this, open the start menu, where you click on your icon or icon man, in the drop-down list, select Change account settings. In the new window, go to Family and other people, click Add new user, enter all the data. Then in the same tab, click on the newly created user and Change.

If you just need to rename to English, just right-click on the start button, select System in the list, and then in the new window in the lower right corner, click Change settings. This opens another window where you have to press the Change button and enter the name of the computer, after click Apply and OK. Ready. Try running the game or program again.

3. Reinstall DirectX drivers.
Download DirectX:

4. Fix 0xe06d7363 using SFC?
What is SFC? This is a standard program, a utility that is built into your Windows operating system. It enables you to begin diagnosing system files by scanning the registry for errors. Of course, almost all errors can be resolved with this scan alone, including error 0xe06d7363.

You will need to run the command prompt: press the key combination Win+R and in the window that appears, enter the cmd command, and then a black command prompt window will appear. There is a second way to call it – click on the magnifying glass near the start button, where enter the word “command”, or if you do not have Windows 10, then just open the start, where in the Search bar enter the same word. Once you have opened the command prompt, you need to write the following command - sfc / scannow. Then press Enter. The scanning process will start and you will have to wait for it to finish. I warn you that the diagnosis may be delayed for forty minutes, and may take ten – it all depends on the clogging of your system.

Once the scanning process is over, you should reboot your PC and run the application that is causing error 0xe06d7363. However, if the problem remains, then go to the next method.

5. Reinstall the problematic application
When an error occurs due to using or opening a non-system application, then you can try reinstalling it. First, you should completely remove the application by going to the control Panel, where you want to enter the program, as in the picture below, or if you do not have Windows 10, then just – control Panel – Add or remove programs. Now find yours in the list and click Delete/Edit from the top, selecting the appropriate item.
Remove programs

You can also use a program like CCleaner, which you can download from the link below. Once it is installed, open where in the Tools item find the problem application and click the Uninstall button. Ready, now you can reinstall your program or game.

After installation, restart your computer, and then open the application. The mistake remains? Then we go to a new point of elimination.

6. Cleaning the system of temporary files
This is the last method that will help you get rid of error 0xe06d7363. So, you will need to run the command line again, as you did in the first paragraph. Once the black line window has started, you need to enter the following command-cleanmgr. A dialog box will open where you need to select the C drive by clicking after OK.

After that, the cleaning process will start again, which is designed to simply delete unnecessary files, and not important, so do not worry. When the process is complete, do it again for the remaining local drives.

For the same purpose, and the above application CCleaner.

Now you can run the program or game again to check if the error POPs up. If it is not fixed this time, then I recommend two ways – to reinstall the game or application of another version, and the second – to reinstall your operating system.

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hamza1987452 days ago

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ha14448 days ago


is this application
contact them. Reinstall it

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abdelrahman1424 days ago

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Gladys90375 days ago

Thank you for posting this article, it was really helpfull. Great Article.

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Tyler21256 days ago

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trexgameaz81 days ago

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baybecool165 days ago

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rizwanengineer37 days ago

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