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Created by maybemaybe, 151 days ago, 441 views

Why in most photos from the camera is not clear? I click on the autofocus.
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ChessKing150 days ago

Here are some tips to help you achieve the desired result. Many of these tips are also used when shooting on a regular camera, so it will allow you to achieve the best result possible.

Keep your smartphone steady
Movement when photographing can make the frame blurred. The first step to a clear photo-the presence of a stabilization system in the smartphone. If not, then modern tripods designed specifically for mobile devices can come to the rescue. If they Do not suit you or are too bulky to take pictures, use two hands holding your smartphone to take a photo.

Camera shake can also occur when you touch the screen to take a picture. To reduce this feature, use the smartphone's self-timer mode. Some devices have special buttons on the body, so as not to use the screen. Even headphones can be used for shooting without having to touch the screen.

The next option is to use a smartphone that has image stabilization. Some smartphones that work with optical image stabilization feature are Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Nexus 6 and Lumia 930.

If you are not the owner of these devices, the digital / electronic image stabilization can be accessed either through the settings that are included in the firmware for the smartphone or through the use of third-party applications. For example, in smartphones on the Android operating system, you can view the settings menu and see whether there is an anti-shake option, as, for example, in the Galaxy S5.

For iOS ProCamera has anti-shake function, users of Android smartphones can use Camera FV-5 for the same purpose.

Clean the lens
Have you cleaned the camera lens of your smartphone recently? You may need it if you touched it with your fingers, or your smartphone was in your pocket all day. Blemishes or dirt on the lens can also affect the clarity of the shot. Give them back clarity by wiping the lens with a soft cloth. It is best for this purpose to use a cloth to clean lenses or glasses.

Adjust focus
Sometimes the lack of sharpness can be caused by the subject being out of focus. Most smartphones allow you to adjust this function directly on the screen to choose where you want to set the focus point, avoiding the use of autofocus. Using the autofocus lock feature can help set focus where you need it, even if you change the composition of the frame.

On the iPhone, press and hold the focus area at the desired point, the area will flash, and a lock icon indicating that the autofocus and auto exposure lock is activated will appear on the display. To turn it back on just tap the screen again.

Some Android smartphones require the use of special third-party applications to lock the autofocus function. One of these applications is the already mentioned Camera FV-5 in the free or premium version. In this program, the focus lock is called AF-L.

Watch the light
Shooting in good light conditions usually produces much better results than in low light conditions. Unlike cameras, smartphone cameras have a fixed lens. To change the exposure, the smartphone should adjust the shooting speed and optical image stabilization, not the lens size.

In order to achieve the correct exposure in low light, the smartphone camera must keep the lens open for a long time, thereby increasing the likelihood of blur, jitter and interference. Also, avoid using digital zoom where possible, as it can make photos very, very blurry.

Increase sharpness with apps
Even using a good technique, some photos still need a little help. You can edit photos using a variety of applications or by importing them into Photoshop.

Many third-party apps, such as Snapseed (free for iOS and Android), can help sharpen an already taken photo while it's being processed. You can see for yourself by downloading this program and trying its functions of processing graphic images.

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MAKEROFMONY2150 days ago

Read this:

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lindarose74150 days ago

Very helpful advice in this particular post! It’s the little changes that make the largest changes. Thanks for sharing!

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Milcah12148 days ago

Discord servers also has several text chat channels as well as personal messages between users. This is great when you can not or do not want to use voice communication channels to chat.

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