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problem with desktop icons Reward $2
Created by A7med7amdy, 973 days ago, 2460 views

when I do refresh on desktop, iconos disappear and pc become too slow
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MASY2000973 days ago

Slow of your computer result of either running programs in the background pressure on computer's memory or defect in the Windows system work.

The treatment is : use CClean (Crap Cleaner) to clean your computer system and then use Wise Care 365 to make the rest of the necessary system reforms.
After that restart your Computer and you'll see the difference.

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FlashTech972 days ago

There is no enough information - which version of Windows 8 is that; do you have dual-operation system boot; what is the host machine, etc.

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FlashTech972 days ago

The telephone cipher was easy - 0-800-2223334, but this herein above is real enigma.

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ha14972 days ago

you can first to try sfc /scannow and the restart windows explorer
Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files

How to Restart "Windows Explorer" in Windows 8 and 8.1

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adams54972 days ago

If you have a lot of icons on your desktop, try removing some of the shortcuts - having loads tends to slow down your computer. Pin the most used programmes to the start menu (right click, pin to start menu) instead of leaving them on your desktop. I rarely ever refresh my desktop - there's not much on there and there's no need for me to do so. Hope this helps!

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devarakondapranav972 days ago

That's probably because your PC has become tad too slow for other reasons. Try some of these to speed up your PC and hopefully resolve your problem.

1. Make sure you have a good anti virus installed and regularly keep scanning your PC. Try avast free antivirus if you don't have one. You can also install Malwarebytes apart from the antivirus to make sure your PC is free from any unwanted threats.

2. Use both CCleaner and Wise Care 365 regularly(the free versions will do).

3.Make sure you don't have too many startup programs. Open the Task Manager and click on the startup tab and check for unwanted programs in the startup apart from the antivirus.(You can use CCleaner or Wise Care for that alternatively)

4. Try uninstalling programs which you no longer use or remember installing from the control panel.(You can use CCleaner or Wise Care for that alternatively too).

5. Delete unwanted files from your hard drive, especially the one's which are large and no longer useful.(Begin this from the Downloads folder first)

6. If you have too many users or accounts using your PC, even this might affect your PC's performance. Try removing some user accounts from the control panel.

7. Identify programs that are taking up large parts of the memory and try closing them. Open Task Manager and in the Processes tab check for programs that are taking up large parts of the CPU or Memory Or Disk and try closing them and check .

8. Delete unwanted extensions and add-ons in your browser.

9. Defragment your PC. You could do it by searching windows or using Wise Care. That will speed up loading folders in your drives including desktop.

Try these and you should find a difference and hopefully your icons will reload after you refresh the desktop. Do ask if there is something else that has to be done. Also do mention more about your PC and the specifications

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cyclestart972 days ago


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adams54972 days ago

a) Computer has to load desktop shortcuts/icons at start up every time - takes longer - unnecessary work for computer.
b) If OP had very few icons on his desktop, he would probably not find it necessary to refresh - which was the problem he was having.
b) Re-read my post - I did not say pin to taskbar - I said pin to start menu - presume you know the difference and simply misread my reply in the thread. Pinning to start menu allows programmes to be loaded quickly whilst optimising use of desktop.

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raaj13972 days ago

Try to boot in safe mode and see if it still happens.
If not then some process/application is causing it

to boot in safe mode use any of following:

Use the System Configuration Tool (msconfig.exe) - works in Windows 8 & 8.1. ...

Use Shift + Restart - works in Windows 8 & 8.1. ...

Use F8 or Shift + F8 during boot(doesn't work when using UEFI BIOS & SSDs).

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FlashTech972 days ago

RE: Those are some Awful Big Words
There is perhaps one more big word (actually two): short memory.
As far as I can remember you sent me by a refence in the Dimension X to dial 1-800-ABCDEF ... and after that you don't even remember what advise you have provided ... and publish some text accompanied by some discoveries 5 centuries ago, having nothing to do with any the recent themes. Anyway.

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DanialFarish972 days ago

@RPROTOC1 i feel so suspicus with you.. Why each problem you wil you will help them.. almost all the problem you will help them -_- are you wise care asistance? i mean wise care worker.. don't made ok i'm just asking^_^

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Ninjago971 days ago

#RPROCTO1 i'm Danial this is my new account but i feel suspicus with you-_-

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Ninjago971 days ago


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FlashTech971 days ago

RE: In the Dimension X
What is not clear - 'in unknown dimension', which is obviously from the interpretation of X by default as a random variable.
The metaphore of the Dimension X is not too much different from the assignment to dial 1-800-ABCDEFG in order to correct spelling errors. As the call, so the echo. Besides that you have much greater need to dial ABCDEFG than anybody else on this forum.

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adams54971 days ago

@RPROCTO1 Can't see how your criticism is helping OP. A clear desktop may well help OP not only in terms of speed, but by not having to refresh icons. I'm not alone in my opinion and although you clearly don't agree, others do.

"It did for me. Cleaning up my desktop speeded up my computer.

I have an Core i5 processor with 4GB which is a fairly speedy machine. I was happy with the response of the notebook for about 1 year or so. Recently I noticed my computer was sluggish and things would take an extra moment to pop up. These are the things I did to

1. I was running the Aero interface and I removed that and that helped quite a bit but not as good as it was before.
2. I was running short (2GBs) of hard drive space. I cleaned up my files and freed up about 5 GBs and that did not seem to help.
3. I had my desktop full of icons. It completely filled plus extras that I could not see. Just files I had put for 'review later'. After cleaning up my C: drive again I figured I had several GBs of files on my desktop so I moved or deleted those as well. After that my computer's response was back to great.

I recall a Peter Norton book about Windows. I can't recall perhaps Win2000 that mentioned too many icons on the desktop would slow your system down. I always remembered that for some reason since I always would clutter my desktop.

I am not saying this is a fix all but it did work for me."

I'm not interested in petty nit-picking over spelling etc. and was merely offering advice to OP on possible ways to solve his/her problem.

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alokchakraborty971 days ago

refresh your windows copy all problems will be sorted out

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grenwood971 days ago


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J11_PRO971 days ago


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J11_PRO971 days ago

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