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C drive full memory problem Reward $1
Created by oscarc2000, 13 days ago, 216 views

My C driver is 1TB but now show as is full and i don't have 3 programs but last week i had 85% unused so what can i do to fix the problem?
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maren13 days ago

Check download folders, clean all temp folders.
Run some cleaner.
Delete anything what you don't need or just recovery your windows on date when you have 85% unused. It's easy way to do.

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ChessKing12 days ago

Standard method without third-party SOFTWARE.

This is the easiest method that does not require any special program. You already have everything you need.

Go to the disk where the test will take place.

On Windows 10 and 8, click on that little "tick". With it you will open an additional menu that will be useful to us

In the new menu, click the buttons that are highlighted. It is not necessary to choose a giant size, you can start with any other, but note that in this case, the test will take a very long time.

On Windows 7 in the upper right corner add a filter by size.

After selecting a size, you will automatically start the search. After checking you will get all the result of the work done. But be careful, because the system documents are also included in this list. If you do not know what this file is, it is better not to touch it.

Ainvo Disk Explorer is a utility for searching large documents
This program is able to find large documents in the system. But to remove them it is necessary manually. That is, this program is only for search, no extra functions are provided in it. Download it here:〈=ru.

After installation, run the utility immediately and start the test by clicking on the required button.

ainvo soft

Tip: if you need to check a particular drive, then visit the Settings menu. There you can specify which drive to scan.

ainvo disk explorer

After some time, the program will give you the result. Huge files you can see by clicking on the button that is highlighted in the screenshot.

samue bolshie faylu

This is where the most difficult work begins. The fact is that the program shows absolutely all large documents, including system ones. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to carefully examine the entire list of utilities.

Do not be surprised if you find the documents from the old program, which got rid of a couple of years ago. Just safely remove them.

But if you do not know what this file is, it is better not to touch it at all. After all, deleting the system document can lead to global problems with the device. So be careful.

ΗSearcher utility for searching large files
This utility has several additional features that allow you to specify the search for large files. Here you can download it: ahhh!

After installation, feel free to open it. But do not rush to start, first look at what additional features it offers you.

You can specify the minimum size of the document, where to look, and even some dates (create, modify, or open).

When specifying all known data, simply click on the "Start search"button.

In a few minutes you will have a detailed analysis of all the "heavy" files. It can be sorted by specifying the criteria you are interested in. Documents that can be deleted without harming the system are highlighted in green. But if the file is colored orange, it is better not to touch it.

Thus, it is possible to find large files on your computer and clean up a few gigabytes of memory. This global cleaning should not be carried out very often. For example, once every six months will be enough. But do not forget about the timely cleaning of the device, because you will help the system to get rid of long-unnecessary files that take away precious memory.

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MAKEROFMONY212 days ago

Read this :

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nihal2911 days ago

You should use wisecleaner 365

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Razsaheel11 days ago

Hi there please follow the link to solve your problem. Hope this will do some good

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omarwa11 days ago

follow the link to solve your problem.

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ha1411 days ago


check the size of your restore points, maybe youll need to clear some space

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VeneaminHD10 days ago

So hello my name is Benjamin, fixed 1 year ago I had the same problem!
All the Disk was full, we have nothing to do!
I have solved this problem with a reinstallation of windows!
This will help! Good luck !

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chakramed9 days ago

i will show you how to get more space using wise care and some tricks :

1) open wise care --> system cleaner --> look down you will found "select all " click on it and then scan
2) in the same window on system cleaner go to advanced cleaner --> look down click on Advanced Settings --> then do "select all " -->press OK --> do a scan and delete all founded files .
3) disable reserved space for trash to do this go to trash ---> right click on it --> propreties ---> and select 2nd option "dont transfer files to trash" ---> apply and ok

4) disable reserved space for system restore to do this go to --> start --> type this in search filed " SystemPropertiesAdvanced " --> click on the result --> go to system protection tab --> if you look down you will find its activated on your C:\ so slect it and press configure like this image :

--> then slide the MAx usage to 1% and dont forget to hit Turn off system protection (also delete old restor point if you dont need by pressing delet bottom ) ---> apply OK

i hopre by doing the full steps you will get more space


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KlanMacgregor6 days ago

For sure, you need to reinstall your Windows. This is the only simple way to solve this problem. Before going for an operation to the [url=""][/url] I had the similar issue about my PC. Reinstalled it - and everything fine!

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JasonMuller466 days ago

Run CCleaner - it is very popular and effective

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