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Protect your computer when you are on a public wi-fi Reward $15
Created by layls1071, 297 days ago, 929 views

Are there any way to protect your computer when you are on a public wifi ?
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chakramed297 days ago


A good VPN, firewall, and anti-malware/virus help. And turn off all automatic updates and synchronize.

Comodo has just released a new version of Comodo Firewall Pro 3 - it’s clearly one of the most popular firewall programs for Windows XP and Vista.

Like rival ZoneAlarm, Comodo Firewall prevents programs (executables) from connecting to the Internet without your knowledge and also filters
incoming traffic that may not be safe. Whenever the firewall detects some fishy behaviour, you are informed with a pop-up alert.


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ChessKing297 days ago

When you're on your home network, sharing files and printers helps you be more productive. But in a public Wi-Fi network, this option makes you vulnerable to any user.

on windows
Open the control panel and in the "Network and Internet "select" select the parameters of the home group and data sharing." On the new page, click on the link "Change additional sharing settings "and set the switches to" Disable network discovery"," Disable file and printer sharing "and"Disable access to shared folders".

Open "system Settings / System Preferences" - "Sharing/Sharing" and set the switches to off.

Activate Firewall
on windows
Run the control panel and in the "System and security "click" Windows Firewall". Check that the Firewall is activated.

How to protect your computer on a public Wi-Fi network

Go to" system Settings/ System Preferences " — "Security" — "Firewall" and activate the Firewall.

We use a secure version of HTTPS Protocol
When I work through a public Wi-Fi network, I have to send work mail and enter data to access my accounts. In these cases, the use of encryption in data transmission is a mandatory option.

Check that the URL starts with https in the address bar. Cherished " s " means that SSL or TSL encryption Protocol is used for data exchange with servers. Additionally, in all e — mail clients I advise you to activate the option "use SSL" - so your password and correspondence will not become public domain.

To remove the task of constant control of the address bar, I advise you to install an add-on for the browser HTTPS Everywhere.

SSL encryption is not available for all resources, and configuring security settings for each public network will take time and attention. Perhaps one of the best options is to create a VPN, that is, a virtual private network and activate it every time you connect to Wi – Fi sharing.

C this task perfectly cope free application CyberGhost. It is easy to install and supports Windows, OS x, Android, iOS and Linux devices.

Disable Wi-Fi
Suppose you have a working meeting at a restaurant. Waiting for a partner, you check email and answer urgent letters. As soon as the meeting began, disconnect from Wi-Fi: why would potential hackers give bonus time to hack your computer?

Switch to high security mode quickly and efficiently
Working with important information in a public Wi – Fi network is not a one-time event, but a normal operating mode? Then you need to configure the device so that switching to safe mode does not take much time.

on windows
We will use the following scheme: Wi – Fi networks that we use at home and in the office we consider safe, and General-requiring maximum protection.

Go to the control panel and in the "Network and Internet "open" Select data sharing settings." Go to the" Advanced sharing settings "and configure access" Home or work "with a minimum of restrictions, and" General " — with the maximum level of security. Now, when connecting to a public or unverified network, specify it as General – all settings will be applied automatically.

OS x, unlike Windows, does not control access settings. But this task will cope ControlPlane 1.5.4 . We set up the program and work in a common network becomes much easier: Firewall will be automatically activated, and shared access to documents is closed.

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pirate297 days ago

НУ не знаю ,удалённый доступ у меня отключён и касперский не подводил , хотя могу и без антивирусника обойтись , система чуть быстрей работать будет

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manojp267 days ago

Yes, I have written a blog post and I discuss in detail about how anyone can protect our self from hackers

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