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Backup Solutions Reward $3
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Which are best backup solutions for the website?
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MAKEROFMONY2249 days ago

Read this:

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ChessKing249 days ago

Why do I need backup? The answer is simple – to "hedge", protecting yourself from losing the site. In critical situations, the loss or corruption of data web resource backup will restore them. If the "spare" copies will not have to start from scratch. And if the site had a huge attendance? If a large number of content has been added to it, copies of which have not been preserved? If the development of the resource was spent a lot of time?

Unfortunately, even the most reliable hosting providers can not provide 100% protection of the file system of the site. As a rule, hosting services perform backups and store them on separate servers (separately from the main copy), but this does not save-some natural phenomenon (flood, power surge, earthquake, etc.) can disable all the equipment of the hosting center. If you store backup data on your computer (or somewhere else), the risk of losing the site will be significantly reduced.

1.2 types of backups
Backup of a web resource implies the preservation of all information of which it is composed, all its contents. This includes internal linking of pages, design, navigation, images, and media files-in General, everything.

Copying files "on which" a web resource works is only part of the job. The site can be used for its work and database.

1. For static sites that do not work on content management systems (CMS) – engines (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.) – or using "special" CMS, really just copy all the files and folders.

2. For those resources that work on CMS that use databases (such as WordPress), the process of saving backups is complicated. In this case, it is divided into two stages:

saving the site file system (all folders and files required for the site operation);
back up the database used by CMS for its correct operation.

Also, individual CMS allow you to create backups of certain data (records, categories, tags, menus, etc.), so that they can be transferred to another site running on the same CMS.

Therefore, before you make a backup, you should understand whether your site works without a database (for example, a static resource) or still uses it (for example, a blog on WordPress). The first case is less common, because such web resources to create (and manage) more difficult than those that work on the CMS.

2. Copying the file system of the website
This operation must be done regardless of whether your portal uses the database for work or not. In addition to the site itself, auxiliary data (favicon, logo, sitemap and robots files, identification text documents of search engines, etc.) are copied.

You can copy the files in many ways, I will describe here the two most popular: manual copying of data to your computer, copying using an ftp client.

For example, it will be shown how to create a backup site running on TimeWeb hosting. But even if your site is supported by another hosting provider, the backup procedure will be similar.

2.1 Ftp client
Ftp-client is a special program that helps to operate files and folders over the Internet. Works on Ftp-Protocol (data transfer over networks), as the name implies.

The first ftp client that comes to mind is Total Commander, which will be an example of how to create a backup of site files. Also popular among webmasters is another program – filezilla-working on the same principle. Both clients are not much different from each other.

1. First, you need to create a connection to the ftp-server (hosting), which stores your website. To do this, press "Ctrl+F", and then a window will appear:

Create a new connection in Total Commander

I already have a connection (TimeWeb), and you need to create your own, which you need to click on the "Add ..." and fill in the parameters:

Filling out the fields (you create the connection)

You need to fill in only 4 fields:

Connection name-any at your discretion. Will be displayed in the first connections window (I have this, for example, TimeWeb).
Server [Port] is the IP address of the port, which is determined by the hosting (it can be found in your account). I have this " THESEUS (".
The account is your login that you use when logging in to your personal hosting account.
Password the password for your login.
By the way, hosting providers allow you to create several ftp-accounts (combinations of login passwords), with which you can manage your site. This is useful if you want to allow restricted access to the site via ftp to a "stranger".

2. The connection has been created,now you can proceed to the site backup. To do this, press "Ctrl+F" again and double-click on the name of the desired connection. Now you need to select the folders you want to copy. If the site is hosting one, then there will be no problems – just copy everything that is (most often it is one folder public_html). But if your hosting account has several sites, you need to copy only those that relate to the resource, backup of which is created.

For example, I have 4 web resources on my account, each in a separate folder. And I need to make a backup of only one of them – the one that is in the "public_html"folder.

Copying files via ftp client

The selected folder should be selected (its name will turn red) and then dragged to the right window (local drives of your computer). An information window appears with information about the download address (for example, " e:\*.* " ). By clicking on the "OK" button, you will confirm the start of the backup.

IMPORTANT! Before you copy the site data, it is advisable to archive them on the hosting, which will reduce the amount of files and allow you to copy them faster. Information on how to do this is given in [2.2 manual copying] below.

Copying files with Total Commander

The main drawback of using total Commander FTP client is that copying is very slow.

2.2 manual copying
As already mentioned, "Total Commander" copies the site files for too long. Sometimes it is much faster to do it by copying files and folders of a web resource to your computer manually.

To do this, you need to do the same, as in the first case.

1. First you need to go to the hosting site and enter your username and password, go to your personal account.

2. Now you need to go to the file Manager (or to the panel with the same name in your hosting). This panel is available on any hosting.

Personal account at the hosting provider

3. After that, you will be taken to the file control panel, where again you need to find the folders and files that you want to backup. In my case it is again "public_html".

Select the required folder

4. Before copying files, it is advisable to archive them. This is done using the functions of the hosting provider. Timeweb offers a very convenient way to archive files and immediately download them. If your hosting does not support this, then you will first need to archive the folders, then select the archive that appears and download it to your computer.

Manual backup, backup and copying

3. Copying database
Almost always, for sites running on engines (CMS), in addition to the backup file structure of the resource, it is necessary to create a backup copy of the database.

The database is a table containing addresses of various files (pictures, media files, plain text, etc.) necessary for the operation of the site.

The database allows you to organize the information so that you can quickly access it if necessary. This is true if your site consists of a huge number of pages containing a bunch of pictures and videos. Simply put, a database allows you to quickly process web resource files.

Special operators – commands are used to manage the database. But to make it easier for people to work, database management systems (DBMS) are used. As the task of the WordPress engine-to simplify site management, and the role of the database – to simplify the work with databases. The most popular now is The MySQL database management system. It is supported by leading hosting providers, so the process of creating a database backup will be shown on its example.

So, the first thing you need to go to your personal account on the hosting and go to the database control panel.

Database control panel

Now with the help of a convenient tool "phpMyAdmin" you can edit the information in the databases.

Login to phpmyadmin

The tool "phpMyAdmin" allows you to perform various actions on databases, in particular – to do their backup.

First, you need to select the desired database, their list is on the left side of the screen (the interface of your hosting provider may be slightly different), and then click on the "Export"button.

Export database

In the next window that appears, you will only have to click on the "OK" button (you do not need to change the basic settings), and then you can download the database backup to your computer.

IMPORTANT! Some hosting providers automatically make backup files of the site and its database. In this case, you can immediately download ready-made backups.

Manage BackUp

Ready backups of database and site files

Backup of site data should be done as often as possible, because there is always a risk in seconds to lose the web resource. Only periodic creation of backups of files and databases will protect you from this. Also view more on this website are more details about backing up your website.

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Pravy238 days ago

If your on WordPress, try any free backup plugin with good reviews. If you want to go on the paid route, try WordPress jetpack services for backup.

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