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Created by corruptedsaint, 1345 days ago, 2897 views

will this program fix all my registry issues are should i just abandon ship with this program?
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raaj131345 days ago

no program can solve all registry issues.

Can only help you maintain them.

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cyclestart1345 days ago

No, Your wrong Mr raaj13

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TheExistedHim1345 days ago

This program will fix most registry errors.

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kurt1345 days ago

I use 2 programs, this one and Ccleanerr, another free registry cleaner that catches stuff this one might miss. This one seems to find more, the other one helps sometimes. You can get it at or the mirror site they use. Of course, be careful not to tinker with the registry unnecessarily or carelessly, some things you do in there can require a reformat to fix.

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ha141345 days ago

There is No Perfect Application, but wisecare 365 will not harm your Windows, it can harm it only when Windows is in bad shape, as always do a restore point and backup registry.

you can also try RefrshPC

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salvig671345 days ago

I have the paid version of Wise Cleaner. lifetime version for three computers. I think it is by far the best program out there. I used many differant things and this one is the best.

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salvig671345 days ago

There are many You Tube Videos online to help you restore and even wipe and reinstall windows. then you should have a backup and restore disc. you can create that from within windows as well.

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barbcoogan1344 days ago

With that attitude, I wouldn't help you if you offered a million dollars! Ever heard of anger management? Look into that.

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gmiguelps1344 days ago

I have the paid version and it works great. I have used other applications in th past and find this one to rank on the top.

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jwtaylor371344 days ago

It will fix about 90% of your registry issues. It always leaves some for us to fix ourselves. Don't know why.

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salvig671344 days ago

I agree with jwtaylor37 only I believe it fixes like 95-97 percent. I have had to remove a few thing through regedit manually and still have a few things lingering. sometimes a fresh install is just the best way to go and upgrading to a newer version of windows is sometimes even more. I will say I like to see that generation of software in action b4 I use it.

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cyclestart1343 days ago

"I agree with salvig67 only I believe it fixes like 95.263-97.348 percent."

If You Say The Secret Word, / ( Password about 90% ) You win A Hundred Dollars.!
Hint...>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SShhhhhhhuuuuuuu...[{>jwtaylor37

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FlashTech1343 days ago

RE: 'will this program fix all my registry issues'
No, but you don't have anything much better so far.
If you want to fix all registry issues you may assemble yourself a linux OS from the repostory list of the distro concerned. So far you are using commercial systems on mass scale none of the registers would be 'fixed' ... for everything sooner or later ends up as a backup in the DC concerned.
If you assemble your own OS, you will have compatitive advantage by design -nobody would be sure (incl. you) what exactly OS you are using. Besides that no normal hacker will start developing botnet for one computer only - the virus development costs become too high to be attractive to whomever.

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DanialFarish1343 days ago

#corruptedsaint YOU ARE SO RUDE!!!!!!! * IS BAD WORD DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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