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Created by Sajad12, 141 days ago, 370 views

My mobile's internet is very. What's reason please help me..
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ChessKing139 days ago

When using the mobile Internet, there are difficulties in accessing Internet resources:

loading pages in the browser, downloading files, and updating data in mobile apps over the Internet are too slow;
often stops or is severely delayed playback of audio and video online.
mobile device with mobile data support;
a computer or laptop connected to a USB modem or mobile device that is used as a modem.
mobile device works in low-speed 2G network instead of high-speed 3G / 4G;
low network signal;
the cellular network is overloaded with other users nearby;
daily quota of high-speed traffic on mobile unlimited is spent;
downloading files or updating the system on the computer is running;
the Internet resource you are accessing is overloaded.
Low speed in cellular networks is possible for the following reasons:

The mobile device operates on a low-speed 2G network.
Check what type of network is displayed in the status bar of the mobile device or in the "MTS connect"window. If the display shows "e" (EDGE), "G" (GPRS) or "2G" — this means that the device is working in a 2G-network in which high data rate is not possible.
To obtain a stable high speed, try to find and activate in the device settings the network type "3G only" ("UMTS Only", "WCDMA Only", etc.) or "4G only" ("LTE Only", "LTE Only", etc.) — this will prevent the device from switching to a low-speed 2G network.
Low network signal.
Check the signal level on the corresponding indicator in the status bar of the mobile device or in the "MTS connect"window. If the signal level is low (2 divisions or less), it is possible to reduce the access speed up to the suspension of all downloads and downloads.
To increase the network signal strength, try to place the mobile device in the least shielded place (for example, near a window). Use a quality USB extension cable to place the USB modem.
The base station of the cellular network, serving you is overloaded.
If the base station that is currently serving your mobile device is heavily used by other mobile Internet users who may be close to you, you may be able to reduce the speed of access to Internet resources.

The daily quota of high-speed traffic has been used up.
If you have a service with unlimited access ("mini-Bit", "BIT", "super-Bit" or "Unlimited VIP"), check whether the daily quota provided by the rules of these services is spent, see how to check the balance of the high-speed traffic quota. If the quota is spent-the maximum speed will be limited according to the rules of these services.
If the daily quota is used up, you can remove the speed limit by paying for additional traffic without limiting the Internet speed.
The file download or update of the system or program is started.
Check that the programs that initiate Internet traffic are not active on the computer. Active downloads (torrent downloads, OS components or anti-virus database updates, etc.) running in the background also use the Internet channel to slow down other programs on the Internet.

The Internet resource you are using is overloaded.
Try to download any file or start playing audio/video on another Internet resource. If you do not have any difficulties-most likely, the first Internet resource is heavily loaded by other users.

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Sajad12141 days ago

Plz tell me

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ha14140 days ago


it can be from your provider of internet
reset your browser

SG TCP Optimizer

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Rikyf79 days ago

I have the same issue and I just hate it. When I want to check out, I should wait a few minutes because the internet is so slow. Really want to fix the issue because using mobile internet is amazingly convenient if the speed is fine.

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