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Learning English with pc 5
Created by a454545, 268 days ago, 400 views

I'm Persian;
I really interested in learning language .
Now I wanna learn ENG with my pc.
I need a good program or ...
what is the best?
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ChessKing261 days ago

10 free apps to learn English
Many of us have studied English at school, at University, some attended courses, but have not mastered the free spoken due to lack of practice. Fix the gaps in education offer a selection of useful applications.

10 free apps to learn English
Review of interesting, useful and non-standard applications for Android and iOS to learn and maintain English at a high level.

How to speak English

The application was created in 2014 by Kaplan. With it, you can get rid of the accent. This is possible thanks to three types of exercises: Challenge section, sections of Your Sounds and All Sounds. The first section is built on the principle of "question-answer", which allows you to determine the level of possession of phonetics. Your sounds will allow you to compare your pronunciation with the academic one. The third section contains not only the international phonetic alphabet, but also teach you to recognize speech errors and their occurrence.

British Council

The British Council is a global organisation with training centres in over 100 countries. Many textbooks are published under the editorial Board of this organization. It is not surprising that the eponymous application is popular.

Applications allow you to learn English through games, videos, podcasts. The student will be offered exercises of different levels of difficulty. With the help of the British Council you will learn new words, learn grammar, master the correct pronunciation.


The app is perfect for people with audiovisual memory. The whole principle of language learning is based on video: advertising, music videos, dialogues, news. Absolutely everything is built to make you hear natural English. And each video comes with interactive titles. This greatly facilitates the study of incomprehensible words – you can click on any unfamiliar word, see its image, meaning and examples of use.

FluentU remembers the words that you have passed, so the application of "likes" to recommend the video examples, including you have studied words. It turns out a kind of personalized program.

There are with oral speech you have no problems, but there are gaps in writing, the Quill application will help to cope with them. The program includes tasks of different complexity for individual and group work. Very convenient to consolidate knowledge of grammar.


One of the oldest applications for learning English. The application is an addition to the website, which stores a huge amount of useful information: training, video tutorials, training courses. There are paid and free.

As for the application, it is interesting, first of all, its competitive nature. Going from simple to complex, moving from one level to another, you compete with yourself, constantly discovering new types of training. The main goal of the program is to teach you new words, grammar. The interface is very simple and looks cartoonish.

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Hemant019261 days ago

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shahab258 days ago

I Suggest You Some Software For this

1-Rosetta Stone Language Learning
2-Simon & Schuster Pimsleur Comprehensive
3-Rocket Languages
6-Living Language Platinum

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