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The laptop does not turn on. Reward $1
Created by maybemaybe, 147 days ago, 436 views

When the notebook is turned on, the cooler starts, after 10 seconds it turns off
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eradaec142 days ago

Try taking off the battery, then connect your power adapter to the AC outlet, and finally connect it to the laptop, then turn the laptop on. If it stays running, try to enter the BIOS and check CPU temperature, to discard any additional cooling issues (you may have to replace the CPU dissipation pad/cooling paste if temperature goes too high).

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hpsupport132 days ago

This error occurs due to the battery issue on the laptop. It works fine on ac adapter and the battery has worked a few times but not anymore the battery is new and fully charged any ideas. when we put this on the laptop than its show an error on the system. so when you sort out that issue you can contact with HP Customer Care to resolve the issue with

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saimthomus87 days ago

The PC can likewise be in a power state keeping it from booting appropriately. Take a stab at detaching the power link and after that expelling the battery from the workstation. Leave both detached from the workstation for somewhere around a moment. After you pause, set the battery back into the PC, associate the power link, and have a go at turning the PC on once more.

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