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inside4u how to backup data android app? answered Reward $5

how to backup data android app?

asked by inside4u last answered by nowk
Xuyenviettour buy a new mobile answered Reward $2 1

I wanna buy a new mobile. I have 2000$ so which mobile I should buy?

asked by Xuyenviettour last answered by ramg12
mrthanh How to root samsung Gallaxy note 3? answered Reward $3 10

How to root samsung Gallaxy note 3 (Android 4.4)? thanks!

asked by mrthanh last answered by mwsinoo
khokon1972 Best device answered 5

Which is best, Android or Iphone?

asked by khokon1972 last answered by abdelrahman
TamiLyn1 Confusion 5

Which mobile is best for gaming Samsung Galaxy S6 or I phone 6

asked by TamiLyn1 last answered by barood4money
Jones Samsung Galaxy S6 or IPhone 6? answered Reward $2 2

Which one is better and why? I need it mainly for social media and texting .. Cant decide.. What do you guys think?

asked by Jones last answered by Linnea
sajal27 OnePlus 2 Invite Reward $2 100

Any one got OnePlus 2 Invite.Pls share thanks

asked by sajal27 last answered by azzromyo
ste64 Nokia 6300 Reward $4

Does anyone know how to unlock the network on a nokia6300 its currently on orange network and i want to out it on number is...356437/01/156369/3..would great if anyone could help.

asked by ste64 last answered by davesw3
vence0529 phone unlock

how can I unlock a t-moblie phone without the account number

asked by vence0529 last answered by surendra
Danny Mobile devices answered Reward $5 5

Which mobile is the best

asked by Danny last answered by Danny12345
Nelson1962 How much does it cost to repair a broken iPhone 6 screen? answered Reward $2 3

My boyfriend threw my phone (iPhone 6) on the floor and now the entire screen is cracked. How much would a repair cost

asked by Nelson1962
Prasanna Android Programming Reward $3 3

How to convert an array list into .dat file in android programming, eclipse ide?

asked by Prasanna last answered by Linnea
djkotsos Android problem. Reward $4

Hello i have this problem on my phone. in Retrica. why? i have free space.

asked by djkotsos
Prasanna clash of clans Reward $5

will clash of clans work on my windows phone(lumia 535). if xap file is available give me link.

asked by Prasanna last answered by Chandkhan
Prasanna Windows Phone App

I have microsoft lumia 535. I have to hide my personal videos & photographs. How to hide such things in a windows phone.

asked by Prasanna last answered by ZzMrXzZ
DjangoUnchained Can I charge my mobile phone through headphone jack? answered Reward $3

Can I charge my mobile phone through headphone jack?

asked by DjangoUnchained last answered by mridul
AddisonLee Which do you think is better iphone or android? answered Reward $5

Which do you think is better iphone or android?

asked by AddisonLee last answered by darari
MichaleBurrows Does iphone get slower over time? answered Reward $5

My Nexus 6 is getting slower over the past few months, even after I reboot the phone. They say this is the disadvantage of Android phones. I am wondering does iphone get slower over time? Any iphone users here?

asked by MichaleBurrows last answered by ZzMrXzZ
Nelson1962 I am looking to buy a headset for my Iphone. answered Reward $3

I am looking to buy a headset for my Iphone. I am stuck on two items: Beats Studio Wireless and Sennheiser MOMENTUM. By the way, I am a big fan of DJ, rock and rap music. Any headphone enthusiast here? Which should I buy?

asked by Nelson1962 last answered by darari
40s How long should I keep my phone in a plastic bag with rice? answered Reward $2

My phone got wet at a pool party and i dont know how long it was in the water for but once i took it out, it was spazzing so i turned it off and turned it back on and called my mom. Then it turned off by itself. I think i left it there for about 5 hours. Then i put it in a bag of rice. Will my phone work and how long should i keep it in the plastic bag?

asked by 40s last answered by SetupComputer
Jones phone case answered 5

Does anyone use their smartphone without a phone case?

asked by Jones last answered by SetupComputer
Arther Adhesive glue or tape under the screen answered Reward $5

Why do phones need adhesive glue or tape under the screen?

asked by Arther last answered by gavinchii
norealame Solving the problem has stopped working answered

bluestacks has stopped working

asked by norealame last answered by greenknight
vijayyajurvedi I am unable to install apk from non-google play on sony xperia U Reward $5

I have checked settings and it is correct . allow mock installations = Yes install from unknown sources = Yes Please help

asked by vijayyajurvedi last answered by zeta91
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