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Aravi Spell check not working. answered Reward $2

Mobile : WP10 lumia 535 Issue: Spell check not working. Duration: 1week This had occured after installing updates. Regards,

asked by Aravi last answered by ha14
Elderwand8 Good apps for making money? 5

Are there any good apps in the Apple Store for making money? I'm 14, and the payout needs to be check or Paypal (I prefer Paypal though). Thanks!

asked by Elderwand8
seven How to use Spotify offline? Reward $2

How to use Spotify offline?

asked by seven last answered by vinvanhorn
wanker83 Windows 10 lumia Reward $2

Help with lumia 550

asked by wanker83 last answered by aniket
larry2 Why Android devices slow down over time? Reward $3

Why Android devices slow down over time? How to fix it?

asked by larry2 last answered by mohamad1122
Qrow Nvidia Shield K1 battery/charging time Reward $4

Does anyone else have problems with the battery life of the Nvidia K1? I run stock rom, did not root it yet, don't have a lot of apps installed, but it still runs of battery in max an hour of use, and charging is usually around 500-600 mA when not used, screen and wifi off, which means it take forever to charge it. I'm an IT technician, so I know I've tested everything but flashing it and replace the battery. Different cables, adapters and whatnot. Could it be a software issue? In that case, fl... [MORE]

asked by Qrow last answered by Aravi
Ghzl Samsung J7, contact importing problem Reward $2

Hey! :) can anyone help me with this problem?! Samsung J7 won't import the vcf contacts which I saved on SD card, when I try the import option, a loading message pops and in 1 sec it dies!!! I have 1900 contacts, I really can't import them one by one! THNX

asked by Ghzl last answered by camery20l
Gaia How to keep video playing with screen off on Android? Reward $2

How to keep video playing with screen off on Android?

asked by Gaia last answered by Ujjwal619
zerosan How to root alcatel smartpone answered Reward $2

Any one know ho to root alcatel one touch flash mini 4031D

asked by zerosan last answered by Jayrathore
Migeal The phone is lock and cannot use any network Reward $2

How to unlock a samsung galaxy S5 with any best and reliable software which i can download.... for free, then upon completion, the phone should be able to accept any simcard which inserted in it, unlockz the network too

asked by Migeal
Muzammil Status bar disappeared answered Reward $3 5

The notification bar of my tablet has disappeared. I tried restarting it but this did not fix the problem. How to fix it?

asked by Muzammil last answered by lordwolfe
heaven Is Nexus 5x worth buying? answered Reward $3

I am looking for a new phone. What about Nexus 5x?

asked by heaven last answered by Aravi
realtrain Which phone has the best audio quality? Reward $4

Which phone has the best audio quality? Which phone is best for playing music?

asked by realtrain last answered by nipunshihara
BTW How to set customized ringtone on iPhone? Reward $2

How to set customized ringtone on iPhone?

asked by BTW last answered by vinvanhorn
Gaia How to delete google plus photos from phone Reward $2

How to delete google plus photos from phone

asked by Gaia last answered by nipunshihara
yas Why keep mobile phone half inch away from ear or body? Reward $2 5

User Guides for mobile phones always contain the precaution that you should keep your phone at least half an inch away from your ear of body while making calls. Does anyone understand the reason for this safety precaution?

asked by yas last answered by yas
MyWay Do you think that tablets are useless? answered Reward $3

I just read an article: But I do not agree. Laptop is heavy, and phone's screen is not big enough. I think the 7 inch tablet is irreplaceable!

asked by MyWay last answered by lowtyde85
akhil_raj001 Can a man and a woman ever just be friends? answered 5

Can a man and a woman ever just be friends?

asked by akhil_raj001 last answered by redhawk6656
nazooof When jailbreak for ios9.3.2 update ? 5

When jailbreak for ios9.3.2 ?

asked by nazooof last answered by Aravi
walker16 How to recover photos from Android phone after factory reset? answered Reward $2

I have made my Android phone go back to the factory reset by mistake, and it erased all my photos, my valuable photos are all deleted........ I feel extremely frustrated! Can you tell me how to recover these photos after factory reset on Android? Anyone knows? Thanks.

asked by walker16 last answered by PakRayon
linburger Is it harmful to charge electronics too long? answered Reward $2

Is it harmful to charge electronics too long? I often leave my devices charging all day long after I go to work.

asked by linburger last answered by benedict_cc
Aravi Dissatisfied with WP10 Upgrade answered Reward $3

Hi I have tried to upgrade my WP 8.1 (Lumia 535) to WP 10. It was looking good, but surprisingly I found many bugs in the phone. Microsoft too ruled out many good apps like lumia camera. Current edge is also have many bugs. So I have tried to reset the phone. But noting worked. The dirty thing happens with me is that after upgrade ,a bug, the phone can't use the SD as it found corrupted. This made me force to format the SD card. Looks like WP don't recognize SD format properly after every re... [MORE]

asked by Aravi last answered by nihal29
babyrain What to do after dropping my phone into the water? answered Reward $2

What to do after dropping my phone into the water? Is there any method to save my phone... I can't boot-up ...

asked by babyrain last answered by babyrain
bluemoon Do you like wireless charging? answered Reward $2

Is it useless? Does it make charging more convenient?

asked by bluemoon last answered by pennlope4
Tadakii How to check the phone's IP address? answered Reward $2

How to check the phone's IP address?

asked by Tadakii last answered by taoge
edwin Blackberry z3 how to root Reward $2

How do i root my blackberry z3

asked by edwin
bootup Is it good to enable "unknown sources" on Android? Reward $4

Is it good to enable "unknown sources" on Android?

asked by bootup
Aravi WP 10 map download issue answered Reward $2

Hi all, Past 3 days back, i have upgraded my mobile phone to windows 10. I have a big unsolved problem. For the day one, I am trying to download offline maps under my wifi. But unable to do that. A tried to keep hole night, it is getting sucked 80 %. Now I have decided to download the same in my pc and want to transfer the same to my mobile. Any one know the procedure Mobile phone is Lumia 565 WP10 Desktop is windows 7

asked by Aravi last answered by Aravi
johntdrums Windows 10 for Lumia 640 XL answered Reward $2

Hi everyone, Does anyone have any idea when the official - not Insider - Windows 10 update for Lumia 640 XL (and all other compatible Windows Phones) is meant to be released? Originally Microsoft said it would be at the end of 2015, then that got delayed until March 2016, but it's STILL not available and it's excrutiatingly hard to try to find a correct answer online. Is it meant to be an ultra secret or something? Hope someone can help.... Thanks!

asked by johntdrums last answered by johntdrums
Hoshikawa_Momoko Flashing back IMEI to Mediatek devices answered Reward $2 10

I have a Mediatek device which is bricked, so I unbrick it by flashing back the stock ROM. I forgot to backup my damn IMEI, so after flashing and powered on my device, it has an invalid IMEI. I tried to use SN Write Tool to flash the IMEI number, but it keeps failing, giving this error: EnterAPMetaMode() : MetaResult = SPMETA_DLL::META_MAUI_DB_INCONSISTENT What is the problem and how can I solve this? Is it the database? I picked my database from here: I picked... [MORE]

asked by Hoshikawa_Momoko last answered by AniWorld
Joaquin2001 I need help with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7500 answered 20

Recently, I installed CyanogenMod 10.1 with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean for my damn Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7500. I also flashed the compatible GApps. The purpose I installed this custom ROM is so I can get an Android that has a minimum API level of 17. I also installed it for a little bit more performance. When I want some more performance, I'll focus to the CPU. So, I go to Settings, and then Performance, and then Processor. There, I noticed that the Maximum CPU frequency can now be overclock... [MORE]

asked by Joaquin2001 last answered by Joaquin2001
rangnguyen Video size fit with Samsung Galaxy S5 answered Reward $2

I take a video clip from Galaxy S5 for editing and load it in by using many types of converter programs, but when playing back in S5 the video never fits with the screen, although I keep the features of original profile of the video during conversion. How can I get a video fit with the screen of S5 when bringing it back in after conversion ?

asked by rangnguyen last answered by nihal29
abdelrahman Ipad air 2 best price answered Reward $4

I am looking for a good ipad air 2 price. 1 please not used. 2 no problem if cellular or not . 3 please not chinese. 4 I don't want it from the apple website. 5 good luck finding it

asked by abdelrahman last answered by abdelrahman
Aravi Best mobile phone to use answered Reward $2

Hi all, I am not very satisfied with my current mobile device. I looking to buy a new mobile phone in best quality. Bud jet between 120 to 200 USD.

asked by Aravi last answered by Hassanali
jhonshan Used Galaxy S5 for Sale at Best Prices Reward $2

If you’ve been waiting for a pristine condition used Samsung mobile phone at a discount price, then 4Gadgets is the site for you. However, if pristine condition doesn’t meet your desires, we also offer a wide range of refurbished Samsung mobile phones. All of our Samsung refurbished handsets are refurbished using brand new genuine Samsung parts. We really do offer the best refurbished mobile phones around! Find the deals here : Used Galaxy S5 for Sale

asked by jhonshan last answered by abdelrahman
Donna How to transfer contact from one phone to another without using SIM card? answered Reward $2

I bought a new phone and want to transfer the contact from my old phone to the new new one, are there any ways?

asked by Donna last answered by Thanh145
alla How can i root my samsung galaxy tab3 lite sm-113 answered Reward $2 5

Please help me with costum rom two

asked by alla last answered by Leadersofts
boyz Do you still buy digital music players? answered Reward $2

Have your MP3 players been replaced by smartphones?

asked by boyz last answered by michaelfarrelly
G33kpaine Overclocking Android Reward $2

Is overclocking on Android is Dangerous? What cause on my android when i do this? What is Advantage and Disadvantage of Overclocking on Android? I wish help me.

asked by G33kpaine last answered by Joaquin2001
bluemoon What do you think of Android 6.0 Marshmallow? answered Reward $2

Is it good to upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow?

asked by bluemoon last answered by rtanner47
luochao Please tell me an music APP for iOS answered Reward $2

Please tell me an APP that can set EQ,and has excellent play performance (just like POWERAMP) for ios Platforms,thanks!

asked by luochao last answered by azzromyo
sunrise Why did Apple stop selling the 32gb iPhone? answered 5

Why did Apple stop selling the 32gb iPhone?

asked by sunrise last answered by Aravi
omarwa79 Icloud problemme answered Reward $3 5

How can I bypass the Icloud phone

asked by omarwa79
notebook Which cleanup tool for mobile is best? answered Reward $2

Which cleanup tool for mobile is best?

asked by notebook last answered by rtanner47
FNR My Android phone keeps downloading untitled program Reward $2

I think it was caused by some virus. How to find which app have virus?

asked by FNR last answered by alla
houssam_haddour How to flash lg g2 Reward $2

I need to flash my lg g2 but it got stuck at 60%

asked by houssam_haddour last answered by houssam_haddour
nollore My phone and the computer automatically disconnected. answered Reward $3

How to solve this.

asked by nollore last answered by bilalarif2001
timeis How to put a screen protector on tablet without bubbles? answered Reward $2

How to put a screen protector on tablet without bubbles? Do you use tablet protective case?

asked by timeis last answered by zahidawan
AskBob9118 Installing the APP wastsAPP on my Tablet 5

What is the best way to install I have HUAWEI T1 10 model T1-A22L ---------------------------- Iv tried several types of installations, but none seem to work is there something I need to allow in the security and please explain, I'm new to the tablet or any smart device.

asked by AskBob9118 last answered by Muzammil
abdelrahman Iphone 6S best price answered Reward $2 3

Best iphone 6S price and tell me the website please and thank you

asked by abdelrahman last answered by mpp
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