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SSsss Is doing GYM good for health Reward $5

What is the better way for a fit body alongwith a good mind. Is it working out hard in gym or doing some natural exercises outdoor without any special equipments.

asked by SSsss last answered by nino2018
MikuChan Itching all over Reward $2

Heya everyone for at leasta year now I have been suffering with a strange itching whenever I get too hot, yesterday i was taking a shower and i got it really bad and had to get out, but i also get it from exsersing sometimes just walking too far, sometimes i get it at night too which stops me sleeping. i get it all over my body and it doesn't usually stop until i cool off, anyone know what it is or how to stop it?

asked by MikuChan last answered by sam55
OGkicks Cold showers burning bodyfat?? answered Reward $2

Do cold showers really burn body fat

asked by OGkicks last answered by FixitJorge
BTW How to make yourself dream less while sleeping? answered 5

How to make yourself dream less while sleeping?

asked by BTW last answered by nuklin
seven Does food affect mood? answered Reward $2

Does food affect mood? Which kind of food can make mood better?

asked by seven last answered by Bine485
Donna Have you found the reasons caused overweight? answered Reward $2

Why do we get fatter and fatter, besides eating too much, are there any other reasons caused overweight?

asked by Donna last answered by Bine485
timeis What is the most healthy time to sleep? answered Reward $2 5

What is the most healthy time to go to bed?

asked by timeis last answered by Razsaheel
daydream Can exercise make skin better? answered 5

Can exercise make skin better?

asked by daydream last answered by Skinlightening
kimi How to prevent flu? Reward $2

The flu season is coming, how to prevent it? any suggestions?

asked by kimi last answered by Bine485
colin Are you forgetful? Any methods to avoid it? answered Reward $2

I am very forgetful, so I always use a password to my different accounts. But it is not safe. I even don't know what makes me forgetful and how to cure it. Do you have any good ways to it?

asked by colin last answered by nuklin
smell Do electric fans contain radiation? answered Reward $2

Do electric fans contain radiation?

asked by smell last answered by Rustdagw73
minice If you feel stressful, what will you prefer to do? Reward $2

The stressful can't be avoided no matter in work or life, if it comes, what should you do?

asked by minice last answered by omarmeng
alekscruglow What exercises to do ,if you are spending a lot of time komputerem? answered 5

What exercises to do ,if you are spending a lot of time komputerem?

asked by alekscruglow last answered by AlexMedin
kathy Is teeth cleaning necessary? answered Reward $2 10

How often should you get your teeth cleaned?

asked by kathy last answered by jcaitlin221
claire How can I get rid of blackheads? answered Reward $2

How do I get rid of blackheads? That is terrible.

asked by claire last answered by alinakhan9155
ahmed58 What is the best muscilation proteine ? answered 5

What is the best muscilation proteine ?!

asked by ahmed58 last answered by nihal29
karim18 What is the best time to go walking? answered Reward $2

I think in morning!!

asked by karim18 last answered by nihal29
hnesa Do i have to pay the reward? Reward $5

No Money no money

asked by hnesa last answered by ZzMrXzZ
SaphyreGod Which is the most healthy food ? Reward $4

I want to know which is the most healthy food to eat.

asked by SaphyreGod last answered by ZzMrXzZ
southnew What, in your opinion, is the best remedy for colds? answered 5

What, in your opinion, is the best remedy for colds?

asked by southnew last answered by Haydiyah
PKS My white Hen chest problem 5

MY male Hen have some serious Chest Problem from yesterday. and he is very bad ill what should i do with him? Pease reply me Fast.

asked by PKS last answered by joytotheworld
naeem What Is Colon Cancer? Reward $3

What Is Colon Cancer & ts symptoms. How it can be cured?

asked by naeem last answered by neuropatch
AF What do you do when you feel tired? answered Reward $2

I have so many things to deal with from morning to the evening no matter at home or at office. There is no time left to myself. Really tired! What do you do when you feel tired?

asked by AF last answered by jamaicascout
nascarwarren Getting old need help feeling younger answered 5

I am 65 year old, feel like I am 90 moving slow what can I do to make me better.

asked by nascarwarren last answered by baladox
Rice Why do I wake up early when I'm still tired? answered Reward $3

Sometimes I woke up with only six hours of sleep. What's wrong with my body?

asked by Rice last answered by nascarwarren
Udovych Need Help with akne answered Reward $2 5

What is help with AKNE

asked by Udovych last answered by Udovych
AF How to relieve anxiety? answered Reward $5

I got anxiety panic attacked, and feel worried. Did you have the same feelings? How to relieve it and make me calm down?

asked by AF last answered by eric_haakenson
kimi How to control high blood pressure? answered Reward $2

High blood pressure is dangerous and it is common for the old. Do you know some methods on controlling high blood pressure? Thanks for sharing.

asked by kimi last answered by serezha
Tim How to improve my digestion? answered Reward $2

I really struggled with my digestion which makes me fat. do you have any good method to improve the digestion?

asked by Tim last answered by Joaquin2001
jozued Foods with less sugar answered Reward $2

What are low sugar food?

asked by jozued last answered by oxana
Warwick Scalp fungus syndrome Reward $2

Anyoen here have some experience about how to treat please?

asked by Warwick
kata What electric razor is good for present? Reward $4

Please help me to choose the best electric razor for my husband. I read a lot information about electric razors but I can't to choose between Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver and Philips Norelco Shaver 1150BT/48. I read that these razors are the best for every man at Do you agree with it? What electric razor can you recommend?

asked by kata last answered by Tankkiller
jackyjacky Do you always choose fast food as your meal? 5

Or how do you try to make your eating more healthier?

asked by jackyjacky last answered by aidenstone
hellen How to calculate your body age? answered 5

You know your real age, but what is your biological age? Body age is a measurement of how old you are biologically based upon your health and fitness level as opposed to what your birth certificate indicates. Do yo know how to calculate the body age?

asked by hellen last answered by kulmarina
nancy What is your best way to make yourself wake up early in the morning? answered Reward $3

It is hard for me to wake up early except using the alarm, do you have any other ways to make you wake up earlier?I want to make use of the time of the morning.

asked by nancy last answered by armistead
deshnoor How to reduce pounch that is fat belly. 5

What is abdominoplasty? Is it safe? Is it expensive?

asked by deshnoor last answered by chakramed
hellen Which food is bad for health? answered Reward $2

Everyday, we eat all kinds of food, which food is bad for health among them? And which food we should avoid eating?

asked by hellen last answered by kattypretty
faire32 How to continue sleeping after waking up due to noise? answered Reward $2

I have sleep problems.

asked by faire32 last answered by Ruben
Ann Why do people feel sleepy or tired after eating? answered Reward $2

Do you have the same experience if you eat too much, you may feel sleepy and tired?

asked by Ann last answered by aliabol123
inside4u I need full Training series fitness answered Reward $2 1

I need full Training series fitness ?

asked by inside4u last answered by vrdstraining
Igotthis Microwave question Reward $2

I've heard that microwave would cause cancer. Would it? I intend to buy a microwave because I love baking but I am not sure if it harms our family or not so I want to ask you guys first.

asked by Igotthis last answered by nihal29
Hippy I always have the same dream for 2 weeks answered Reward $4

Anyone happen to be in this case? I dreamed of an accident. I saw a girl crossing the road, I knew that the bus would hit her but I didn't help her. She was crashed into pieces and her blood covered my faces. How can I stop seeing this?

asked by Hippy last answered by Gervs
Lourdes Which type of yoga is right for beginners? answered Reward $2

My body is not flexible. Then what type of yoga is not difficult for me?

asked by Lourdes last answered by zizou
hellen How to prepare food for the picky-eater? answered Reward $2

The holiday season is coming, and it is the time you eat with all of your families and friends. But some of them are picky-eaters, so it is a little hard to make them enjoy my dinner. How should I do?

asked by hellen last answered by mikexfctr
Jones My son always go to sleep very late, what should I do? answered Reward $3

My 7-year-old son is addicted to phone and iPad. Do you have the same problem? What will you do?

asked by Jones last answered by FRONDOLLI
beatrix How can I control my temper? Reward $2

How can I control my temper? What can I do to avoid getting very angry over small things?

asked by beatrix last answered by Gervs
christine Why do people eat so much food but still remain slim? answered Reward $2

The more you eat, the fatter you will be, is that true? One of my friend eat so much food everyday, but she still remain slim, so she doesn't care about her weight or being fat, why?

asked by christine last answered by DY
media How Can I Have More Connections With My Cousin answered Reward $3 5

Hi i feel sad that i see my cousin never care about me i try so hard to be good with him but he doesnt care please i dont know what to do

asked by media last answered by Tankkiller
skeeterxbx How to gain lean muscle fast? answered Reward $2 5

I've always been skinny. Tried every fad diet, workout, etc. Is there a sure fire way to put on some mass (healthily of course!) I once read about a diet called "GOMAD" which stands for a gallon of milk a day! Sounds insane, thoughts?

asked by skeeterxbx last answered by azzromyo
Igotthis I got a weird illness answered Reward $1

I got some flu symptons but my nose was bleeding inside whenever I try to blow out. What was that? I am very nervous but I don't have time to go to the hospital

asked by Igotthis last answered by Igotthis
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