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LucGameYT ERES CABEZON????????? Reward $2


asked by LucGameYT last answered by principiante
youngs6 Help need medical advice Reward $2

How do I get rid of costant pain all over

asked by youngs6 last answered by igorstiler
Dejmon Co je pro tebe nejdůležitější? Reward $2

Teprve pak se ukáže, jaký je problém, při položené otázce. Jinak já jsem bez problémů :-)

asked by Dejmon last answered by Atirudra
nanna How to fall asleep fast? Reward $2

How to fall asleep fast with noise?

asked by nanna last answered by valery11
MickelMalik I need to sleep ! How I can ? Reward $2 10

I took some medication for that but they cause side effects for the mentally ill So if you have any naturals solutions i'm begging you !!! tell me how ?

asked by MickelMalik


asked by VIRUS last answered by Aravi
Bine485 Glioblastom stufe lv - bitte löschen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5

Chemo oder Bestrahlung nach glioblastom stufe lv unbedingt bei 78 Jahre altem Opa oder lieber ihm noch ein paar halbwegs lebenswerte Monate ohne Chemo oder Bestrahlung gönnen ? Die Behandlung verschlechtert ehr die Lebensqualität nur um den Tumor am Wachsen zu hindern. Es ist ehr ein moralisches Problem, wie man sich entscheidet. LG Bine

asked by Bine485 last answered by Bine485
DaoThanh how to have good resistance ? answered Reward $2

how to have good resistance ? I frequent sneezing , runny nose , doctors diagnosed with allergic rhinitis . So I need to do to be able to improve their own health ?

asked by DaoThanh last answered by vanya
akhil_raj001 How to whiten teeth? 5

How to whiten teeth?

asked by akhil_raj001 last answered by khaledmus
Patcho Is Polymorph Safe for making a temporary tooth? Reward $2

I see these ads for temporary teeth it seems the material used is Polymorph,is this safe?

asked by Patcho last answered by Aravi
Elderwand8 Good exercises to physically build up muscle? 5

What are some good exercises that will physically build up muscle? I'm looking for arm build up, leg build dup, and core build up. I'm willing to do exercises for a few minutes each day for at least 1 month.

asked by Elderwand8 last answered by vanya
braz68 Do you know anyone bipolar ? answered Reward $2

How do you behave?

asked by braz68 last answered by jazz777
lordwolfe What coping skills can help with quitting smoking? answered 5

I have tried some but none seem to work. I have anxiety so when the withdraws kick in I panic easy and just give up. What suggestions can someone offer me that may help? I have tried candy, I have tried patches, I have tried focusing on other things besides smoking, anything and everything I can think of just doesn't help.

asked by lordwolfe last answered by naprah
naprah Drinking a gallon of water per day? answered Reward $2 10

My doctor said that in hot weather a gallon of water is good, I'm also trying to lose weight and he claims that this much water will keep me hydrated while flushing out fat. I have no problem drinking a gallon a day, but does the fat flushing really work with that much water?

asked by naprah last answered by fin
summersummer How to stop being bald? answered Reward $2

I am suffering from hair fall everyday, especially when I am washing my hair. Will I be bald soon? Oh, that is terrible. Help me!

asked by summersummer
Aravi How to reduce belly fat? answered Reward $2

How to reduce belly fat?

asked by Aravi last answered by Aravi
tracy Is it any kind of mental disorder????? Reward $2

I didn't remember when it was started but i think this started 5 or 6 years ago when i was just 12/13 year problem is that i can't stop thinking even for a single moment and shiftfrom topic to topic with no relation between them,furthemore i hear and see the things that doesn't exist such as i hear my mother calling me but when ever i asked her she denied and i see many daydreams very often while reading or walking or cycling..i also like/love to be alone in my house and talk to my IMAGIN... [MORE]

asked by tracy last answered by Aravi
pustoi11 Which is more harmful alcohol or marijuana? answered Reward $5 5

Government multiply alcoholics but prohibit cannabis. why?

asked by pustoi11 last answered by pustoi11
walcott What is the best supplements brand? answered Reward $2

What is the best supplements brand? Which brand do you trust?

asked by walcott last answered by pustoi11
kimi What do you like to drink in the morning? answered Reward $2

What do you like to drink in the morning? Milk, tea, coffee or juice?

asked by kimi last answered by LWB
only_god Ways to increase the weight????? 5

In 24 year old have 53 kg weight.

asked by only_god last answered by khaledmus
akhil_raj001 What is the most sensitive organ in human body? Reward $2

What is the most sensitive organ in human body?

asked by akhil_raj001 last answered by Valentin8421
Conikay When Will the Pain STOP? Reward $2

My son died 8-10-15 after getting struck down by a driver while he was walking along side a rode after leaving a concert,. He had just called his wife to let her know he was on his way home. The previous year had been tough for him personally. He had proboems with drug abuse and he was having a difficult time finding work after his job of 10 years moved to Chinal He stayed with me much of the time while trying to figure out direction. He was father to an almost 2 year old son whom he adored... [MORE]

asked by Conikay last answered by khaledmus
Aravi Need tips to reduce sweet smell from body. answered Reward $2

Any one have some tips to reduce over smell of sweet from the body in natural way other then using perfumes.

asked by Aravi last answered by Aravi
Urban How to deal with insomnia? Reward $3

Insomnia is driving me crazy. How to stop insomnia? I can't stop thinking after turning off the light.

asked by Urban last answered by naspro77
omobolkem What's the effect of high oestrogen in the body answered Reward $2

What's the effect of high level of estrogen in the human body system?

asked by omobolkem last answered by mohamad1122
claire Which food is good for digest? answered Reward $2

Is your digestive system also making you sick and fat? Can you help me?

asked by claire last answered by devdutt
Billingtons Inhaled very small amount of cinnamon Reward $2

I put a little on my tongue and accidentally inhaled a little. I coughed for about 45 seconds and then made myself cough to try to remove it from my lungs... Should i be worried?

asked by Billingtons last answered by pustoi11
brandonafrika The difference between Pulmonary Effusion Tuberculosis and Pleural Effusion Tuberculosis answered Reward $2

What is the difference between Pulmonary Effusion Tuberculosis and Pleural Effusion Tuberculosis. And what is the best food to eat for a person with that prevent rapid weight loss?

asked by brandonafrika last answered by Aravi
COLLO We really don't know the meaning of break up Reward $2 10

Which type of break up that is not real?

asked by COLLO last answered by Aravi
Atirudra Are U really happy ? answered Reward $2 5

Are u really happy ?

asked by Atirudra last answered by 27harley
AF What causes headache? answered Reward $3

Feel headache for around one week but I can't find any reason for that, do you know what can cause headache?

asked by AF last answered by ckoch
jackyjacky Do you like indoor workout? Reward $2

If you don't like it, how do you deal with in unhappy weather?

asked by jackyjacky last answered by jackyjacky
Rayna Is it bad to sleep with light on? answered Reward $2

Is it bad to sleep with light on?

asked by Rayna last answered by nunitak
carlasss I eat little but feel full. Why? Reward $2

Feeling full after eating very little. What's wrong with my body?

asked by carlasss last answered by ourlife
walker16 Eat fruit will be fat? answered Reward $2

Eat fruit can cause weight gain? If so, what kind of fruit can make us fat?

asked by walker16 last answered by nihal29
nycc How to get rid of acne on chin? Reward $2

How to get rid of acne on chin? Do you have any experience?

asked by nycc last answered by Dipto
Lisaly What do I need to pay attention to on the diet after pregnant? answered Reward $2

I have been pregnant for nearly three months, I wondered what I should pay attention to, especially for diet.

asked by Lisaly last answered by nunitak
hellen How to avoid flu? answered Reward $2

It is easy for me to have the flu, any methods to avoid it?

asked by hellen last answered by wvmayflower58
July How to take care of our eyes? 5

We should pay much more attention to taking care of our eyes. any advice?

asked by July last answered by healthymortal
scipio Why does my heart rate increase after eating? answered Reward $2

I feel uncomfortable after eating, especially after breakfast.

asked by scipio last answered by ldmff
daydream Do you take any vitamins or supplements? answered Reward $2

Do you take any vitamins or supplements? And do you feel helpful for your body?

asked by daydream last answered by Aravi
yas Can it be that WiFi is bad for your health? Reward $2

Ever since WiFi is common, I suffer from insomnia, headaches, fatigue, lack of energy. Am I the only one who is aware of the health risks? Read this but be sure to turn on your special Denial Button (the same one you use whenever you light your cigarette):

asked by yas last answered by yas
only_god The best way to treat depression? Reward $2

I have signs. feel guilty. Hate myself. A feeling of emptiness. and other. USE 1 Year of drug.but No avail. ..................................

asked by only_god last answered by khaledmus
Cheetos How to lose belly fat? answered Reward $3

What is the best exercise to lose belly fat?

asked by Cheetos last answered by Haydiyah
AF How to make child grow taller? answered Reward $3

Are there any ways to make child grow taller? thanks!

asked by AF last answered by Aravi
Frank_D How do you feel when u make love with a girl? Reward $2

How do you feel when u make love with a girl?

asked by Frank_D last answered by shimadoobest
Bine485 Eisheiligen - kommen sie noch trotz Erderwärmung ? Reward $2

Ist es noch zu kalt für das Einbuddeln von Dahlien und Gladiolen bzw. um die Goldfische in den Gartenteich zu setzen ? Soll man trotz Erderwärmung bis nach den Eisheiligen warten ?

asked by Bine485 last answered by DavidT
only_god Are you afraid of Death?????hard... answered 5


asked by only_god last answered by Ohayoua
buddy205 How to enjoy life? answered 5

How can I enjoy life to the fullest

asked by buddy205 last answered by Ohayoua
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