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Igotthis Online adventure games answered Reward $5 15

Any suggest?

asked by Igotthis last answered by tallazzp
ZzMrXzZ DIY video channel and tips answered 5

I need an everyday - updated channel please.

asked by ZzMrXzZ
Silveringot Fallout: New Vegas NEED Tips. (PC) answered 5

I have a few questions about Fallout New Vegas on PC 1. I heard that once you beat the game you can't play anymore, You would have to start a new is that true? 2. Is it better to use a Controller Or Keyboard? Theres no driving in this game so I would think a Keyboard would be ok to use is it? 3. How do you use the Pipboy Targeting System? (I haven't played the game yet, Fallout Noob :P) 4. Would I have to get a Computer the size of a Semi to run the game? 5. Is $10 USD to much for a game made 3-... [MORE]

asked by Silveringot last answered by Silveringot
learner Favourite games answered 5

From which site i can download best shooting games......................

asked by learner
khokon1972 About FlipCoin answered 5

Who can using FlipCoin? I need guide, how to wing 100% within every 5 change.

asked by khokon1972
joexy FIFA 16 vs PES 2016 5

These two games will be released on this autumn, so exciting! which one do you like? I like FIFA 16

asked by joexy


asked by TAHIR last answered by rajuramesh620
Shozab1 Games answered

Which website is the best for downloading games for torrent.

asked by Shozab1 last answered by Grant
Grant Xbox answered

Is Xbox 1 better then Xbox 360 or which on is the best.

asked by Grant last answered by SUK27
WalterWhite Ps4 or Xbox one? And why? answered Reward $4

Ps4 or Xbox one? And why?

asked by WalterWhite last answered by ZzMrXzZ
KarterSmith Open World Games? answered Reward $5 5

I liked Watch Dogs and like GTA V, and was a fan of Modern Warfare series, and am deciding between: 1. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare 2. Far Cry 3 3. Saints Row 4. Or I will accept any other recommendation of a game based on what I said.

asked by KarterSmith last answered by Silveringot
american567 Sudden 10 fps drop

Can someone help me with this sudden fps drop? This happened to me rarely .. I played some minecraft it was smooth , but then it drop for 10 fps, then I realized all the games I played just dropped to 10 fps!! . SO any solutions for it?

asked by american567 last answered by Noczi
Jones As a gamer, do you talk to yourself aloud? answered Reward $2 5

I often find myself speaking aloud. It'll either be me voicing my concious aloud or reciting a conversation which is bound to take place in the near future.  What about you?

asked by Jones last answered by shramang
Monitor Pokemon Fans answered Reward $5 3

Why is heartgold for the DS so expensive? I only see copies of it on amazon for over 100 bucks?

asked by Monitor last answered by Link
Nelson1962 What game should I buy? answered Reward $4

Hey everyone. I'm looking to start a new game and I noticed that Xbox has a sale this week on Bethesda games and wondering which I should buy out of these three.  Skyrim  Fallout New Vegas  The Evil Within

asked by Nelson1962 last answered by WalterWhite
DanialFarish Can't register Ninja School World account in PC version Reward $2 3

Help me..! I can't register the Ninja School World account. when i want to register it, the game will say GO REFO RE1 zimzoom alienkill to 6555 and then i try to send that text massage but it doesn work. I was tried to log in with Teamobi account but it doesn't work to. So please help me to solve this problem

asked by DanialFarish last answered by AbdelbasetCrasH
DanialFarish Cs Portable Download answered Reward $2

I don't know how to download the new version of Cs Portable (critical strike portable) in my pc. the new version that is want to download is cs portable version 2.62. So plz help me to download this new version of cs portable ^_^

asked by DanialFarish
Protxch Minecraft

Free Minecraft server with server location is in the EU ?

asked by Protxch last answered by Silveringot
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